Full Version: What are waypoint placeholders for?
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I'm new to this mod and I don't understand what are waypoint placeholders are for. As I see in some videos on YouTube you can make a building without those things but they make villagers go straight through them when they go to the work etc. Are they really needed in buildings or it is better to not use them? Thank you for the answers.
I believe its part of a buildings materials so the building design can incorporate pathing in the "blueprint".
That way, what you set as a front-door/gate with a waypoint is actually the point of entry for pathing as well.

A bunch of buildings use them
The waypoint placeholders help your colonists to navigate through the colony. They are useful performance wise and help to path better too
A bit off-topic: But do they actually work now?
Remember, a couple of months ago I dotted 100s all over my town and everyone got lost...
Yes, we fixed an essential bug with them.