Full Version: Fancy Three wide Roads
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Hey guys,

I noticed some of the other player schematics have 3 width roads and the base version of colonies only has 2 width roads. So I decided to expand it out some and share it with you guys. I even threw in a couple of converters on the intersection, T intersection and corner roads. I might convert some of the other road types if people like this.

Included fancy roads:
half length 3 wide road (for those times you only want to go a little bit.)
Full length 3 wide road (its the standard, just wider now)

3 to 3 corner (got to turn somehow)
3 to 2 corner (in case you want to switch to smaller roads mid turn. There is a left and right variant)

1-3 to 2-2 T intersection (the straight away is the the 2 wide)
2-3 to 1-2 T intersection (the bottom of the t is the 2 wide)
3-3 T intersection (its all wide)

3-2 Intersection (has a 2 width road and at 3 width road)
3-3 Intersection (all the ways are 3 wide)
Thanks for this!. i will try them