Full Version: Guards not functioning
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My guards do nothing at all, they just stand next to the barracks tower building block.  I gave them weapons and armor and they wont even equip it. Im using the official minecolonies pack from the twitch launcher. its using version 1.12.2
What kind of gear are you trying to get them to equip, what level are your guards and what level barracks/towers?

Gotta remember low level peeps can only use like wood/leather w/ no enchants what so ever. Trying to get guards to equip diamond armor that has 5+ enchants when the barracks/guards are like level 1-2 just won't happen.

Also note that the mod doesn't seem to auto recognize a lot of mod armors. I managed to get some low level guards to wear bone armor and Agapite from one mod but they ignored the hell out of other low level armors in the same mod even when given no other option.

As for them not doing anything, what is the tower set to? Might have accidentally set the tower to have the guards wait around...