Full Version: Why you should become or stay a Patreon
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Hey there, 

I would like to list some reasons why you should become or stay a Patreon and support the Minecolonies team.

a) It is a way to show your gratitude to the developers which spend their free time developing or maintaining this mod.
b) We use a part of the money to pay the infrastructure where for example the wiki, the official game servers or the forum/website run on. (Nothing is for free)
c) Besides our dedication, we also pay completely with our personal resources for certain infrastructure required to develop this mod.

Therefore, the more Patreons we have the more we can focus in our free time on Minecolonies since we are able to pay a small share of the infrastructure we're using to develop this Mod and at the same time offer you nicer infrastructure in the form of forums, website, official servers, schematic repository, wiki etc...

Thanks a lot already for your support all these years.

Agreed, thank you ALL for your support, even you that aren't patrons, but help use by making Schematics, and audios for us, or just simply help by doing your best to grow our community. Thank You!