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Hey guys, I'm here to give you a quick run-down on all the Minecolonies progress! This will include things that are "done" (Can we truly say anything is done?), In progress, Or planned.

Percent Done Content Item Short Explanation
---- Currently for our workers we have ----
100% DoneThe Builder
100% DoneThe Lumberjack
100% DoneThe Farmer
100% DoneThe Delivery Man
100% DoneThe Knights and Rangers
100% DoneThe Baker
100% DoneThe Miner
100% DoneThe Fisherman
99% DoneThe HerdersWaiting on Female Texture / Model
99% DoneThe CookWaiting on Texture / Models.. ?
99% DoneThe SmelterWaiting on Texture / Models.. ?
100% DoneThe Composter
10% DoneThe Florist
---- Currently for our buildings we have ----
90% DoneBuildings for all above workers
100% DoneThe Townhall
100% DoneThe Citizen Hut
100% DoneThe Barracks and BarrackTowers
100% DoneThe Guard Tower
100% DoneThe Warehouse
100% DoneThe Library
---- Currently for our backends we have ----
100% DoneSimple Colony ManagerSimple manager for our colonies, limited to one world per colony
100% DoneSimple Delivery SystemSimple, buggy but works
100% DoneBlockout GUI SystemEasy GUIs within minecraft, Very well done, Highly usable
99% Done2x2 Crafting SystemSimple 2x2 crafting, currently in a PR
95% DoneThe Request SystemA Complicated, but very Usable and Good replacement for Delivery System
80% DoneNew Blockout System More complete Blockout for more GUI features
90% DoneColony ManagerNew colony manager allowing for colonies in other dimensions
---- Our Planned workers (Just Ideas) ----
The EnchanterWorker that enchants items and tools
The WizardGuard worker using magic - (Possibly)
100% doneThe Crafter3x3 crafting worker, mostly wood and such.
100% doneThe StonemasonWorker for crafting various types of stone blocks
100% doneThe BlacksmithWorker for crafting various types of tools, and smelting ores
The QuarryMiner but ugly mines
30% doneSpecialized crafters
10% Progress Complete PvP system
Autonomous Colonies
Quest System
5% planning phase Market System
1% Progress Mod Compatibility All Mods you can imagine

Anyway, Thanks Zyxifrash. This list will be edited as more ideas, Progress and etc is made. See you guys!

    - Asherslab, you're friendly neighbourhood Aussie.
Thanks for your work ! Smile
Great job! Big Grin
Outstanding!  Heart
Is this up to date? great work yall love u barbarians are the best ?
This is not sadly, i've been pretty busy so i haven't update it
This is up to date now
(07.09.2018, 01:19)Raycoms Wrote: [ -> ]This is up to date now

Thanks ray (may need another update!)