Full Version: Minecolonies was better with Vanilla Building Blocks
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The latest versions of mine colonies have begun introducing non-vanilla building blocks. This is something I personally dislike. It's ok when it's a few minor blocks, but when non-vanilla blocks make up a large portion of the builder buildings it ruins the mod. It ruins the feel of vanilla minecraft. I like how Minecolonies gets Villagers to build normal things for you, but that's kind of ruined when they're building stuff out of mod blocks. Additionally, if I decide to remove the mod and use the world in vanilla minecraft, I can no longer do that; the buildings are made up of such a large amount of non-vanilla blocks that they are corrupted when in vanilla minecraft.

Probably the one that I have the biggest problem with is the shingles roof blocks. They're on the default town hall, and I think they look kind of ugly. I preferred the old minecolonies town hall.
You can download an old minecolonies version then extract its schematics from the .jar (like a .zip archive), and use those old shematic in your world if you prefere Wink