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decoration Marketplace

Size (xyz): 18 x 8 x 18


Resource Amount
black carpet 15
brewing stand 1
cauldron 1
chest 6
chiseled stonebrick 4
cobblestone 210
crafting table 2
dark oak fence 58
dark oak stairs 15
dirt 20
flower pot 4
furnace 6
gravel 59
light_blue wool 10
piston 2
piston head 2
spruce log 20
spruce planks 61
spruce stairs 22
spruce wooden slab 52
stone brick stairs 11
stonebrick 3
torch 13
trapdoor 4
water 4
white carpet 9
white wool 10
Hey Asher! It would be nice if you can update the marketplace with a schematic i made.
Its a fixed version of the marketplace with better scan skills ROFL Tongue
I certainly will if it's in the mod, these are all the latest (need to do taiga) in the mod
Yeah im the creator of thsi decoration lol, i made it when i learned how to scan and messed up ALLOT