Full Version: New Medieval Wall
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Hi everyone. Theses schematicsa aren't from my conception but i modify them a bit so there's more working.
Every section of the wall have a moat 
(Credit to SirPankakez)

The tower:

[Image: 2018_07_24_15_08_22.png]
Corner Exterior
[Image: 2018_07_24_15_08_32.png]
Corner Interior
[Image: 2018_07_24_15_09_02.png]
Corner Round
[Image: 2018_07_24_15_09_13.png] 
Wall Gate
[Image: 2018_07_24_15_09_47.png]
Wall section Long
[Image: 2018_07_24_15_10_04.png]
Wall section Medium
[Image: 2018_07_24_15_10_15.png]
wall section the shortest one
[Image: 2018_07_24_15_10_29.png]