Full Version: Caledonia Theme pack 1.14+
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Caledonia theme pack for Minecolonies versions for 1.14+ or 1.15+
No back ported version for 1.12 will be provided.  These buildings will not build properly for minecraft version 1.12.

The theme pack is predominately white, or light colors, with blue roofs.  All buildings are complete with plenty of roads and decorative elements.

[Image: Untitled4.png?width=1132&height=676]
Small preview of the pack (note: resource pack is John Smith Legacy)

The Latest Version can always be downloaded here:
Planet Minecraft Caledonia Theme Pack

Where is the hut block on the university builds? Only seeing a bookshelf and a red wool on the inside of the level 1.

Fixed files uploaded to the discord on 3/2/2020.

Here for convienence.
The Guard Tower shifts back 1m between lvl-2 and lvl-3.  Might be a simple fix by moving the block 1m forward in lvl-1 and lvl-2.
Also the latest Alpha version has added a Tavern that acts as a four bed bunkhouse during colony setup and as a guest housing for recruitment once enough housing has been built.
Edit: Alright, I made a Tavern building set for the Caledonia Theme pack, it's still a WIP but does function as intended.  lvl1 is a campsite, lvl2 is split level with bar below and apartments above, and lvl3 is a multi-level bar with guest rooms.