Full Version: Oak Hospital with Spa and Park
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Hi Everyone,

Since the new Hospital building came out and there isn't a medieval style variant of it out yet I made my own version that fits with the medieval Oak buildings.

lvl 1 to 5
[Image: 2020-03-26-17-47-55.png]

Front view of lvl 3-5
[Image: 2020-03-26-17-48-05.png]

Front view lvl 1 and 2
[Image: 2020-03-26-17-48-14.png]

The lvl 5 hot bath spa
[Image: 2020-03-26-17-49-55.png]

lvl 5 entrance hallway
[Image: 2020-03-26-17-50-32.png]
Nice, but lvl 5 looks kind of "heavy". Adding a spa and a garden is pretty interesting idea.
(27.03.2020, 00:05)Nicram Wrote: [ -> ]Nice, but lvl 5 looks kind of "heavy". Adding a spa and a garden is pretty interesting idea.

I had been tinkering with trying to break up the monotony of some of the walls especially, if that is what you mean, to make it look a bit more cozy, but i never really got it in a way where it felt too much like a house and not enough like a hospital. My first attempt was trying to make something more akin to a witches hut, and that was a complete chaos of clutter. So maybe on this attempt i went a little too far into the clean modern hospital aesthetic.
The other thing is that the roof is of course huge. The dormer windows in the upper floor helped a little to break it up. The bottom floor jutting out a little as well, but i never could get it to look better. Part of the Problem is , that I am personally not a huge fan of the roof ending directly above the wall, and normally extend them out. That of course increases the roof size as well though...
Added the .blueprint files. Didn't realize I failed to do that when I originally posted as I didn't look at the message warning me that you can't attach .rar files -.-