Full Version: Watcha' doin?
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It's peaceful here in the town of Honeywood (named in honor of the Epic NPC Man). Aside from some chicken lost between the buildings and a child laughing somewhere, everybody is standing at their workplace, just chilling and even the town's only guard can frequently be found sleeping in the middle of the street.
It's peaceful yes, but maybe a little bit too peaceful. The town is being visited by pirates occasionally, even some Illagers have shown up from time to time and when the sun sets the terrors of the night come out: Zombies, skeletons and strange green creatures that only make a zishing sound and vanish in thin air.

So actually everybody should be hard at work. The guard I get. Somehow the guard tower has become his home and since the blueprint doesn't have a bed he sleeps where he stands but I would sure like to know WHY mostly everybody else is just standing around. One of my 2 builders is waiting for 24 Hay Bales, I get that. As for the other one, he is supposed to upgrade my warehouse. He has changed some blocks on the ground level a while ago and has been standing around in his hut eversince. No request for anything. Sometimes I've seen builders wait for a crafter to make what they need but they usually indicate that by at least showing the block in their hand that they need... but nothing. Just standing there, doing nothing. I get the feeling that he is somehow waiting for the other builder (who is waiting for the hay bales) to continue.
My lumberjack was doing the same, but I think it was a glitch in the AI. And my miner? Happily waiting for the end of times. Probably has some problem as well.

So what am I suggesting? It's all in the title: I want to be able to walk up to any colonist and ask "Watcha' doin?" and get some response that gives me a clue to what he is currently doing and if he is just standing there, give me a reason why he is standing there. This would also help you, the developers as you can plug in some hints that can help you resolve issues. Like if my lumberjack would have said "Just chillin. I can't find any trees to chop down" (problem identifiying the trees or a wrong restricted area) or "Can't get to work, there are monsters there" (maybe he sees some underground mob that I am not aware of) or the miner could say "I can't find a way to where I want to mine" (complete with coordinates where he wants to go, so you can check on what the problem is).
It could really help the players and the devs if the colonists could give out this kind of info by request.

Love the mod very, very much. Thank you for all the hard work, you have put into it.