Full Version: There needs to be a way to tweak crusher ratio.
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Using minecolonies with Cavecolonies modpack. The Crusher COULD be a huge part of this modpack but is handicapped by the ratio..... 2:1 makes it simply not worth using...especially because you use hammer to go from Cobble=Gravel=dirt=sand=dust. so if you use crusher it's like 32 cobble to get one dust......might as well just stick with vein mining compressed. The only work around I could see atm is to have cobble crush into compressed gravel etc so it increases output...but that would give a 1:9 ratio..a bit overpowered. I think that makes one cobble end up as 6,561‬ dust! Unless I am missing something I see no way to change the 2:1 ratio..if there is PLEASE tell me so I can make it worth using on our server. Honestly the Crusher is already limited by the number of blocks he can process in a day, I can't think of a reason to use anything other then a 1:1 ratio. A modpack maker could always limit what items he can process. Which also it would be nice if we could tweak the number of items he can process a day per level as well. As it is, great worker and building, and great animation collecting dust and unused.