Full Version: DarkKnightD's infrastructure and terraces schematics pack
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What and why?

When I have started to play MineColonies mod, I was pretty excited with building possibilities It gives (especially scan tool) and widely used it developing my colony, but once I decided to found my colony in mountains biome and ecountered with several problems like workers stuck along the way to their workplace (or falled during the process), a tons of ground and stone to be removed, structures placement difficulties... So I created a bit of schematics for the purpose of facilitating the construction and improving the appearance of the whole colony in mountainous land. Then I decided to post some of the best schematics I created for everybody's needs. 


1. Add some more variations of stone and wooden structures.
2. Create thematic schematics for each wood type.
3. Add infrastructure and decorations.

Far away plans:
Create custom huts for underground(?), overwater, undead(?) colony styles.

How to use?

Just download the .zip and extract its contents in minecolonies/schematics folder, inside your minecraft folder wich is by default in AppData/Roaming.

Some screens:

[Image: 2018_08_29_19_19_50.jpg]

[Image: 2018_08_29_19_20_00.jpg]

Show ContentSome usage advises::


Added new huge corner terrace, some infrastracture objects, tier 2 stone terrace.


Gonna finish stone wattermill and t2 gate mechanisms to release.

 Any suggetions and problems reporting is welcomed.
Looks very interesting for sure =) Thanks for sharing it with us
(04.09.2018, 02:42)Raycoms Wrote: [ -> ]Looks very interesting for sure =) Thanks for sharing it with us
Thx) Hope smb will like it)