Full Version: Requests: Teach recomendations
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I've ran into this Mod in the All the Mods 6, and I've been having a lot of fun with it, so thank you for making it.

One of the things I looked forward to once I figured it out, was teaching my workers different recipes; unfortunately, this has not been as smooth as I would have liked. This is largely due to guesswork as to which place learns which recipes.  The one that gave me the most struggle was the Item Frame.  Primarily due to having thought to teach the recipe after making the Fletcher and teaching it painting which reminded me of item frames. I went threw all possible recipes involving wool for ideas.  I eventually figured out that the Carpenter that I've had for the longest time could learn that recipe.

The suggestion I have, is if 1) The requested item is not a part of the supply chain 2) We have the required building 3) One of that building has the space the learn the requested recipe; That in the request menu, there is a context to let us to that "A Carpenter could learn this recipe" helping to identify that we can add the item to the supply chain, and who needs to learn it.

Or possibly a Request tab, in the town hall. That could show the request chain, and all requests that need the players intervention. With the context of which ones could be added to the supply chain if taught to a crafter.  I could see this being like "Supply Reports" you research in the University.  It would also cut down on running back and forth between each builder, finding out what items they are stuck waiting on you to craft.
I ran upon this All the Mods 6 mod and I have like it a lot, so thank you for doing so.