Full Version: Recover or reset building
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Greetings,  Is there a way to recover a building, or get the builder to recognize that the building is already there?  I broke the warehouse hut block by accident, now it does not recognize I have a warehouse even though I put it back in the same spot using the builders tool.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
I also find out about this, hoping to find the best answer
I accidentally broke my lvl 5 "Builders hut".
The lvl 5 structure is still there in perfect condition.
The builder is still level 19
But the structure is now back to level 0
And the builder wont respond to new build requests.

I quit the game before the backup utility kicked in.
Can I just run a restore? If 'yes' then could someone point me to the 'restore' instructions?

Big thanks!
This is an AWESOME mod!!!!
I have the same issue. I'm a bit surprised that there isn't anything about this in the Troubleshooting guide. This literally breaks everything. I'm also getting new code errors showing up in the Town Hall GUI.