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Bug Builder job crashes Citizens
Posted by: Tachtra - 15.07.2021, 16:54 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - No Replies

The builder job in my colony is bugged for uncertain reasons. Whoever I assign to the job at first does normal stuff, but after a short while, the NPC "crashes" and not only doesn't do anything (eat, work, walk etc.) but also loses the hitbox, I can't collide with them and push them around or anything. F3 + b still shows a hitbox, if that is important.

The 2 other NPCs I tried reassigning the job to after the first one crashed are now crashed as well and complain that they didn't have time to sleep or eat, as they don't move and don't eat.

I am playing extensively with mods, a list of which I can make if it is deemed necessary, but as far as earlier playthroughs went by they weren't too much of an issue.

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Bug Incorrerct tier
Posted by: Zorvx - 16.06.2021, 21:57 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - No Replies

I'm playing with minecolonies-0.14.77-BETA-universal and structurize-0.13.148-ALPHA-universal, the problem is when I tell the builder to build a template the builder always try to build the tier 5 option no matter what option I choose.

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Wink NPC walking on their back
Posted by: ozlad - 09.06.2021, 12:55 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - No Replies


I've recently started playing Minecolonies on 1.16.5 on the latest update and I encountered very few bugs. I got a bug where NPC walk on their back I couldn't find any post about it.
While the bug doesn't impact the game itself I find it really disturbing.
I would like to know if someone has a fix to it.


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  Builder wants ' Grass '
Posted by: LeondoesMC - 19.05.2021, 18:01 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - No Replies

I was just trying to make my builder build the forester hut lvl 2 and he couldnt make it because he needs ' grass ' (not to be confused w/ grass block)  .

Using minecolonies-0.14.166 


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  Builder Stuck When Food is Building Material
Posted by: SeaEm - 16.05.2021, 14:08 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - No Replies

It took me a while to figure out what the issue is but my builders keep getting stuck when building cooking 3 Asian version. When they get to the part of the build that requires a bunch of cooked potatoes and steak they just run back and forth from the restaurant collecting more and more food and dumping it in their chests then going to get food again.

 I think their AI is detecting that they aren’t hungry and don’t need the food so they dump it but then they need more for the build and go get it and get caught in a cycle. 

I’ve reset them multiple ways when it gets to this point but it has happened with different builders and different building locations but only when they get to the food for Asian restaurant level 3. 

I’m playing in the current version of All the 
Mods 6 mod pack on Curse.

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  Adjusting my colony?
Posted by: SpeshullK - 10.05.2021, 00:36 - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

I'm playing MineColonies in the MC Eternal mod pack for Curse Forge. I've never played it before, and I'm having a blast, but because it is my first time playing it, there's a lot of things I wasn't aware of...Namely, that once you place your Town Hall the first time, your borders are pretty much set for life and the only way to move them is to build Barracks/Guard Towers to extend the borders. Now, I'm a perfectionist, and I I'm trying to build a perimeter wall exactly on the borders of my colony, and my borders run through this area where I would have to break up my big, beautiful, perfectly straight perimeter wall to go around a river. A little adjustment is all I need, but alas, this is not possible...I am playing it alone with my husband, and we are not on a multiplayer server. He runs it off his PC for the both of us. I found a command online to delete your colony (with the option of destroying all the buildings), and I've pondered just starting over, but he uses the colony for a lot of things, and he does not want me to delete it all and start over. So my question is this...

If I use the command the "soft-delete" my colony, but leave all the buildings intact...what does that do exactly? Do your people stay? If I do that, destroy Town Hall and move it, will the buildings I left behind still be totally in working order so long as they're within the borders of the new location?

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  Requests: Teach recomendations
Posted by: Jinotad - 09.05.2021, 22:14 - Forum: Content / Design Suggestions - Replies (1)


I've ran into this Mod in the All the Mods 6, and I've been having a lot of fun with it, so thank you for making it.

One of the things I looked forward to once I figured it out, was teaching my workers different recipes; unfortunately, this has not been as smooth as I would have liked. This is largely due to guesswork as to which place learns which recipes.  The one that gave me the most struggle was the Item Frame.  Primarily due to having thought to teach the recipe after making the Fletcher and teaching it painting which reminded me of item frames. I went threw all possible recipes involving wool for ideas.  I eventually figured out that the Carpenter that I've had for the longest time could learn that recipe.

The suggestion I have, is if 1) The requested item is not a part of the supply chain 2) We have the required building 3) One of that building has the space the learn the requested recipe; That in the request menu, there is a context to let us to that "A Carpenter could learn this recipe" helping to identify that we can add the item to the supply chain, and who needs to learn it.

Or possibly a Request tab, in the town hall. That could show the request chain, and all requests that need the players intervention. With the context of which ones could be added to the supply chain if taught to a crafter.  I could see this being like "Supply Reports" you research in the University.  It would also cut down on running back and forth between each builder, finding out what items they are stuck waiting on you to craft.

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  Cook doesnt work ?
Posted by: Klabauterkater - 07.05.2021, 11:59 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Hello, we have two colonies on a server, gportal.
Our citizen are hungry, 49 Citizen , 1 Cook level 4 , Farms and Bakery.
But the Cook doesnt do his job?

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  Researching Veinminer
Posted by: Rapierre - 29.04.2021, 22:04 - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies


I was trying to start veinminer in the University and it says it requires 32 Iron Ore.  When I have what it shows I need it never unlocks and gives me the blue arrow to start it.  I only show one iron ore in jei and the tag is forge:ores/iron. I have had no other problem with research even after updating to the below version.  I'm not sure what I might be doing wrong?

Currently running:


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  Turning off sound
Posted by: SpriztRain - 26.04.2021, 20:17 - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

How do I turn off the noises that the villagers make?

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