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  Deliveryman AI ran into error [1.15.2]
Posted by: Veegs - 8 hours ago - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - No Replies

[02:54:26] [Server thread/ERROR]: Pausing Entity Cora R. Goddam (com.minecolonies.coremod.job.Deliveryman) at BlockPos{x=-77, y=68, z=-208} for 1600 Seconds because of error:
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]: java.lang.NullPointerException
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.coremod.colony.buildings.AbstractBuilding.onRequestedRequestComplete(AbstractBuilding.java:1499)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.coremod.colony.requestsystem.requesters.BuildingBasedRequester.lambda$onRequestedRequestComplete$0(BuildingBasedRequester.java:74)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.coremod.colony.requestsystem.requesters.BuildingBasedRequester$$Lambda$7599/335447870.accept(Unknown Source)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at java.util.Optional.ifPresent(Optional.java:159)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.coremod.colony.requestsystem.requesters.BuildingBasedRequester.onRequestedRequestComplete(BuildingBasedRequester.java:74)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.coremod.colony.requestsystem.management.handlers.RequestHandler.onRequestCompleted(RequestHandler.java:316)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.coremod.colony.requestsystem.management.manager.StandardRequestManager.updateRequestState(StandardRequestManager.java:304)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.coremod.colony.requestsystem.management.handlers.RequestHandler.onRequestResolved(RequestHandler.java:302)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.coremod.colony.requestsystem.management.manager.StandardRequestManager.updateRequestState(StandardRequestManager.java:300)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.coremod.colony.jobs.JobDeliveryman.finishRequest(JobDeliveryman.java:241)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.citizen.deliveryman.EntityAIWorkDeliveryman.pickup(EntityAIWorkDeliveryman.java:168)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.citizen.deliveryman.EntityAIWorkDeliveryman$$Lambda$8034/1332613309.get(Unknown Source)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.api.entity.ai.statemachine.basestatemachine.BasicTransition.getNextState(BasicTransition.java:79)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.api.entity.ai.statemachine.basestatemachine.BasicStateMachine.transitionToNext(BasicStateMachine.java:150)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.api.entity.ai.statemachine.basestatemachine.BasicStateMachine.checkTransition(BasicStateMachine.java:133)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.api.entity.ai.statemachine.tickratestatemachine.TickRateStateMachine.checkTransition(TickRateStateMachine.java:126)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.api.entity.ai.statemachine.tickratestatemachine.TickRateStateMachine.tick(TickRateStateMachine.java:105)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractAISkeleton.func_75246_d(AbstractAISkeleton.java:131)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at net.minecraft.entity.ai.goal.PrioritizedGoal.func_75246_d(SourceFile:55)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.api.entity.CustomGoalSelector.func_75774_a(CustomGoalSelector.java:222)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at net.minecraft.entity.MobEntity.func_70626_be(MobEntity.java:856)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at net.minecraft.entity.LivingEntity.func_70636_d(LivingEntity.java:2262)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at net.minecraft.entity.MobEntity.func_70636_d(MobEntity.java:649)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at net.minecraft.entity.AgeableEntity.func_70636_d(SourceFile:159)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.citizen.EntityCitizen.func_70636_d(EntityCitizen.java:387)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at net.minecraft.entity.LivingEntity.func_70071_h_(LivingEntity.java:2104)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at net.minecraft.entity.MobEntity.func_70071_h_(MobEntity.java:397)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at net.minecraft.world.server.ServerWorld.func_217479_a(ServerWorld.java:600)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at net.minecraft.world.server.ServerWorld$$Lambda$6462/206697814.accept(Unknown Source)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at net.minecraft.world.World.func_217390_a(World.java:536)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at net.minecraft.world.server.ServerWorld.func_72835_b(ServerWorld.java:401)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71190_q(MinecraftServer.java:849)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71217_p(MinecraftServer.java:784)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func_71217_p(IntegratedServer.java:163)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:637)
[02:54:26] [Server thread/INFO]: [com.minecolonies.coremod.entity.ai.basic.AbstractEntityAIBasic:onException:338]:     at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)

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  Help with starting over
Posted by: Boinger - 01.07.2020, 02:39 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - Replies (1)

Hello all.

I am running a Valhelsia 2 server on my local network. Both myself and my son recently started our own minecolonies. The other day the colonists all vanished and we could not interact with either townhall. I have no backups to restore from.
I am trying to get it so we can restart the colonies in our respective areas. Mincolonies seems to remember that there was a colony there no matter what I do, my townhall block says "Colony 2 is nearby", "You do not own a colony" and "There is an existing colony too close".
I've tried the /mc colony delete and list commands, both show that no colonies exist. 
I have re-installed the modpack and re-used the world.
I've deleted the player info files.

Is there any other way I can do this, we really liked the areas we picked and don't want to have to re-start the world or relocate.

Thanks for any help.

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  Config to keep Citizens from dying?
Posted by: Vexikuri - 27.06.2020, 00:52 - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

My colony is built over an area where I can't keep an eye on them all the time, but I keep having citizens dying for some reason.  Is there a config option to prevent citizens from starving or just dying?  I have a restaurant with food, yet for some reason I have citizens die.

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  Trouble getting the mod to launch
Posted by: grimmcartel - 25.06.2020, 18:14 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Hi folks - I'm having a bit of a problem getting Minecolonies to actually launch.

I have had it running on this PC in the past, but for some reason, no matter which combination of Minecraft/Forge/Minecolonies/Structurize I install, I can't seem to get it working again.  It has gotten as far as letting me start loading a save or a new world in some instances, while others seem to crash back to the launcher near the end of the load process.

Can someone let me know which is the most stable build to use?  My last attempt was as follows:

Minecraft V 1.16

Forge 1.15.2-31.2.24

Minecolonies 0.10.771 Release

Structurize 0.10.313 Release

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  Disparity between versions of Minecolonies and Structurize?
Posted by: LordHavMercyy - 22.06.2020, 23:53 - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Is there a disparity between the latest version of Minecolonies released today (0.11.961) and Structurize (0.12.8) released today? I have the latest alpha for both installed but when I launch it looks like Minecolonies wants an older version of Structurize (0.10.324)

I am going to use the requested version of structurize for now but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

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Heart How can I see waypoints after I placed them?
Posted by: chefdotjar - 19.06.2020, 07:58 - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies


Let's say I had my builder place waypoints as part of a road schematic, but now want to remove one of them.

How would I see them, so that I can remove them?


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  Optifine compatibility issue
Posted by: arPosCraft - 15.06.2020, 13:11 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - No Replies

Hello guys, 

There is a small issue that has popped up, and even though i know its not an issue within minecolonies itself someone here might be able to help me anyway. 

So context; modpack including minecolonies, everything 1.15.2 one of the latest forge; all runs good , just so you know you don't have to look into any other of those to seek where the mishap happens; 

I install optifine; optimization of minecraft is much better but; for some reason it now doesn't load -some- not all but some of the workbench/building function block textures, for example the baker it does load, the flower shop it doesn't

The textures should be there because obviously before optifine they were fine so my guess is that for some reason optifine itself does not find them or load them, 
So if I know where i can find said textures and where optifine loads from I though I might be able to manually place them in the correct spot or something like that.

Thank you in advance for any help
- arPos  Big Grin
(I love being back on a good old PhPbb forum btw)

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  Citizen's voices
Posted by: Jenyo - 11.06.2020, 23:03 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Hi everyone,

I'm a french youtuber and I'm actually doing a series based on Minecolonies.

To make it more pleasant for my subscribers, I have already translate all the items/blocs and texts in the mod (when it's possible).
Now, I want to redo the citizen's voices, but I'm not sure I understand all good, so I come here to have a validation.

For the female, I understand :
"I serve with pleasure"
"Not good enough, hey !" or "Not good enough yet !"
"I get to build it again !"

For the male :
"I know." or "Hi, Ho !"
"It's your gold."
"I take care it [be ?]"

I will be happy if someone can correct/confirm me sentances Wink

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  Can't Place Buildings?
Posted by: AwesomeShinn - 07.06.2020, 22:04 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - Replies (4)

I just started working with this mod and tried to build the supply camp but when I click the green check mark to confirm it, the camp doesn't place and it closes the GUI. I tried it in creative mode too and it does the same thing except for when I click the copy or paste buttons.
Edit: Btw, I am playing in Forge 1.12.2- with Minecolonies-1.12.2-0.11.804 Release

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  arPosCraft minecolonies playthrough
Posted by: arPosCraft - 06.06.2020, 22:54 - Forum: Showcase - No Replies

Hello community

Quite new, would appreciate anyones kind gesture to lend me a visit
Channel link

Kindest regards,

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