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Posted by: drilingfir - Today, 09:38 - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

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  How to win at the casino?
Posted by: scr888deals - 16.07.2019, 12:08 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Hi, any suggestions to play well and win at 918kiss casino please help me guys.

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  918kiss best game
Posted by: 918kiss best game - 16.07.2019, 11:44 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

in my opinion, I think it was 918kiss best game, Heath Ledger, his death hyped the 918kiss best game up to the movie so much, and I was expecting a letdown, but I wasnt, so now 918kiss best game id like to hear from you all

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Video Modular Fortified Infrastructure
Posted by: ganthor - 15.07.2019, 09:31 - Forum: Player Made Buildings - No Replies

Hi ppl.

i was using some infrastructure blueprints ive made to complement the medieval styles and decided to shared them. If you have tons of cobblestone, andesite, granite and a bunch of unnocupied builders like me, maybe you will want to fortify your town!

Modular Fortified Infrastructure

more here: imgur.

This is a set of blueprints to give a fortified look to some parts of your colony. Arched bridges (straight and diagonal), terrace walls (segment, corner, innercorner), catwalks (straight, diagonal and x2), stairs (2 degrees), covered catwalks / bridges (segment, intersection and stairs). All these connects nicely (almost) to some balconys with a torch, mini garden or fountain, that you can use as a walkable wall. Plus some walled crop and sugar cane fields.

Modules can be built at different heights so they will go under terrain or water. the transitable area will carve on the terrain so you can use catwalks to make tunnels trought hills.

I include some fields that respect a scarecrow in the midle (ex. to build over a existing field). For the sugar cane fields, builder can be ordered to rebuild them to collect growing canes.

Hope you enjoy!


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  Server kicking people nearby after builder finishes his work
Posted by: sniperclub01 - 15.07.2019, 03:40 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - No Replies

We're using v4.0 (because we presume there's no 4.2 server files released anywhere we have looked).
Whenever we build a building, and it finishes building, anyone nearby with the chunk loaded gets kicked from the server (server doesn't crash, just kicks those players).

The only real log that happens is this:

[19:27:43] [Server thread/INFO] [minecolonies]: WorkOrderBuild at location BlockPos{x=746, y=69, z=-806} is using schematics/Medieval Oak/Lumberjack1 instead of schematics/Medieval Oak/Lumberjack1
[19:27:43] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/NetHandlerPlayServer]: MyUnderwearJP lost connection: Disconnected
[19:27:43] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/DedicatedServer]: MyUnderwearJP left the game

The error it says when you get kicked is "Connection Lost"
"Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: Unknown serializer type 105"

Any help/info would be appreciated.

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  Cannot increase Border
Posted by: mrcavallo - 14.07.2019, 01:51 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - No Replies

hello - just want to say that this is truly an amazing mod - such a huge amount of detail and depth. 

the only thing i am struggling with is increasing the border so that i can build more buildings. i like to have a nice amount of space between buildings and now when i try to add more i get the message that i need to build it closer to the town center. 

the boundary seems incredibly small, especially for a single player map. i have tried the suggested command:

/mc colony claim colony: 1 dimension: 0 range: 1 add: true

but this just doesnt seem to do anything. even tho i get a message that it successfully added another chunk, the wand still shows the same boundary and i get the same error when trying to build outside of it.

can you please let me know if there is another solution?

thank you.

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Posted by: xdvcr5 - 13.07.2019, 12:55 - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

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  5 Latest Alexa Skills To Use Right Now
Posted by: mia01 - 13.07.2019, 11:15 - Forum: Content / Design Suggestions - No Replies

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  How to Send a Message to All Friends on Facebook
Posted by: Aida01 - 11.07.2019, 12:25 - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

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  Are colonies always active on a dedicated server?
Posted by: BozBumi - 10.07.2019, 22:40 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

I have created a modpack that my wife and I use to play MineColonies on a dedicated server.

My question is... does the colony still 'run' when there are no people connected to the server?  I do have the entire area chunk-loaded, and I understand that the mod does some chunk-loading... but are the residents still going about their lives?

If we don't connect for a few days will we come back to a farmer that has farmed hundreds of stacks of items?

Will raids occur if we are not online?

LOVE this mod!!

Thanks much!

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