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  Do I need to have Cheats on for my multiplayer Minecolonies server?
Posted by: AceAxos - 25.02.2019, 06:56 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Asking if I need to have Cheats enabled on my server to access the commands needed for a multiple colony server. So If I want to set access things like setting other colonies hostile do I need cheats or is that only required for the more creative mode kind of commands?


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  Minecolonies only
Posted by: Azralar - 25.02.2019, 01:36 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

So I was playing a very very old version of minecolonies on the technic launcher, and I was having a blast, but the only issue is that the technic launcher crashes all the time for me.
So I decide to play it on regular Minecraft, but when I went to install Minecolonies on twitch, I went to MineColonies Official and it installed 108 mods on it.
This is why Technic was not working, because there was simply wayyyy to many mods and my computer can't handle that.
Is there a way to install ONLY minecolonies and absolutely positively not a single other mod with it?

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  Farm Bug
Posted by: elowrzud - 24.02.2019, 00:44 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - Replies (2)

I have a problem with farm
In earlier game everything work good with diffrent building
Now I have problem assigned worker do what he need to do. But after gathering wheat he dont bring it to the chest his wheat just dissapear because he have only in moment in his own eguipment it.
Building is Medieval Oak level 2.
I dont know its Bone Meal "must have" to succesfull harvest?

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Brick Minecolonies: Urban settlement
Posted by: Doffen1234 - 23.02.2019, 17:08 - Forum: Player Made Buildings - Replies (4)

[Image: NcuV2c9.jpg]


Minecolonies: Urban settlement.

Hello there. After playing this mod with several different types of building styles, I found it always feeling like building villages. And even tho there is nothing wrong with that, I wanted to create something that felt more of a town or city after a while. I also wanted something that could feel a bit like the late 1800s, early 1900s to function well with industrial stuff and railroads that I often end up using. So I started working on a theme for that, where every building is made to sit next to each other. They all follow the same "segments", with cornerpieces beeing 14x14 blocks, and non-corners are 14x15 blocks. Many buildings are are two or three segments in size, but still made so they will fit next to ofter buildings. This way the player can create a city like settlement with narrow streets and conected buildings. The only buildings in this pack not ment to sit next to other buildings is the warehouse. The fishingdocks however is only ment to sit next to other fishingdocks.

I started this project becouse I wanted buildings like this myself, but thought that sins I already have put so much work in to this, then I might aswell share it if there is anyone out there who is interested in using this. 

The first download is now out. It will be updated with new buildings, and some will change. The townhall (Who is suposed to be a hotel), will definately change, and become completly different. But I do not know when.

A few of the buildings will have to be of a more rural style, and places outside the town. Like for example the lumberjack. But I try to make most of them fit in the city, by making for example the cowboy into an industrial slaughterhouse, and the swinehearder as a butcher shop with pigs in a backalley.

Buildings done so far: 

Citizen (in three versions: non-corner, oak- and spruce corner. The corners are included in the download, but does not go by the name "Urban", but "UrbanCornerOak" And "UrbanCornerS")
Townhall (But will be tweaked)
Resturant (two versions. Made a new and bigger resturant, but the old version will be in the "UrbanCornerOak" category)
Archery (Will most likely be changed, it might be to expensive)
Guardtower (This is just some temporary thing I made, while I figure out how I want to make it fit in the theme)
Street, under the decoration category.

Buildings to be done:

Combat academy
Stone smeltery
Stone crusher

A few pictures from the streets:

[Image: Gdsec53.jpg]
[Image: bCRWc3m.jpg]

[Image: NS4LFZp.jpg]

(For those who reacts on errors in my writing, english is not my strongest side)



Feedback is always welcome.

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  Need help!!!
Posted by: KILLERLOL999 - 23.02.2019, 08:59 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - No Replies

SO there is multiplayer server for minecolony but i cant login. You dont know what i mean? I mean it always saying offline not online. I NEED HELP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Image: sad.png] [Image: sad.png]

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Posted by: AntonM - 22.02.2019, 16:36 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

How do you get the "under construction" outline back, when you want to build something else next to an existing building, to avoid it overlapping later, when you upgrade? Some buildings have corner fences, but not all (e.g., Cowboy).

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  Regarding Crafter's hut and such
Posted by: tokrun - 21.02.2019, 10:59 - Forum: Content / Design Suggestions - Replies (1)

I saw in your "roadmap" that you're going to have different crafters, and that seems nice. I am using this mod for different reasons, but mostly it's about a "cheaper" and easier way to produce than using buildcraft or other automationtypes. I want to be able to create a sustainable city where I can go to fill up on everything I need when I'm busy doing other things. (If I'm having it with Galacticraft or other "adventure"packs). 

So for my question and suggestion: When I want to build a building or a upgrade, and I request it. Would it be possible for the builder to request what they don't have? And then if what they're requesting is no where in town, they'll autoplace a request for the crafter to make these blocks without me interfering? Or do I always have to place requests for the crafter when he/she gets implemented? I want a sustainable colony where I can place build requests, and then just go about my adventuring while they actually are able to perform this task. (Even if it is slow because of resource-harvesting and crafting). 

Sorry for poor grammar.

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  Builder Doesn't Build
Posted by: edgyusername - 20.02.2019, 22:10 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - Replies (1)

So, I've cleared out all the land and given him all the materials, but my builder won't build the level 1 lumberjack hut. I'm using the dark oak motif, and the lumberjack block itself is a few blocks in the air. Even if I build him a little staircase to get to it, he just stands near it and stares into the abyss. What do I do?

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  Question about Dark Oak Buildings
Posted by: edgyusername - 19.02.2019, 06:05 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

So, this is kind of a dumb question, but I'm wondering how the dark oak buildings are meant to be built. The "foundation" (layer with crossed building wands) is a few blocks below the main structure (at least in tier one buildings). I was wondering if this meant that the buildings are supposed to be suspended in the air, or if this is just to make room for a future basement. Please let me know!

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Rainbow Rouge Colonies?
Posted by: davelister - 17.02.2019, 12:01 - Forum: Content / Design Suggestions - Replies (1)

Itd be nice if on Singleplayer/multiplayer, you could find cities across the land so your city isnt the only lonely one!

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