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  Workers just standing around
Posted by: Araxidis - 10.12.2017, 18:26 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - Replies (3)

I continue to have problems with this mod. I don't know if I am using the wrong version, the wrong forge version or what is going on.
I downloaded and installed the latest modpack from the technic launcher for 1.12.2. One of the mods reported that the forge version needed to be updated so I updated it to .2555.

I got it running and found that there were too many mods installed so I narrowed it down to 66 mods from well over 100 that it had. I ran around the world looking for a spot to build, found a mesa with a plateau that was big enough to fit the entire village circle plus had a village already on one end of it! Built a town hall, a sawmill, a builder and a miner. The lumberjack went straight to work and chopped down a bunch of trees. The miner went down into the mine, mined one clay block, placed a ladder, then stopped. He won't move and he's not requesting anything.

Before posting on here, I thought I would try the latest forge and alpha MC versions. I put in forge and MC 1.12.2.-0.8.5930. As soon as I started up the game, the miner went right to work. I thought, yay! It's fixed! But, No. The lumberjack is now just standing there staring at a corner of the sawmill and says working.

TLDR: What forge version and minecolonies version, when put together, just works for 1.12.2? I have started over so many times with so many different versions. I love the mod but this is the reason I don't want to have a recurring donation.

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Brick Minecolonies Medieval Style
Posted by: carlansor - 10.12.2017, 00:33 - Forum: Player Made Buildings - Replies (74)

NOTE 14/03/2019: I'll BE BACK SOON  Smile

Hello there my fellow medieval pack users, i have some great news for you! Im coming back to this pack sooner than you might say "Venezuelan Crisis". Talking about that, well, i had to flee from my country. It has been difficult, yes. It has been rough, indeed. But slowly im managing trough. I managed to live four months in Peru and now im living in Buenos Aires, Argentina!. As soon as i stabilize my economic situation ill be able to not only port all the buildings included in the pack, but to recontinue the building of all the crazy ideas i had before i left my home. So, good news! I thank you for your patience and cheer up the growth of Minecolonies!

Note 17/03/2019: Guess who's back?
No more words needed. Check the changelog and download stuff!

[Image: 2jCoN9A.jpg]

Hello again people! I bring you my set of medieval styled buildings for you to enjoy!
When i first started playing Mc with Minecolonies, i was amazed by all the potential of the mod and the features it had that time, but every world i spawned wasnt particulary oak forest, so it was hard to build colonies. I started building a set of different wooden styles to supply my needs of variation, so these came up. Now, the mod has grown larger, and the devs started to incorporate new biome based schematics, wich is awesome!. So, taking an oportunity since the old forum's closed, i renamed, refocused this project to a Medieval style set of schematics!

Currently planning on:

  1. Building new townhalls, much smaller, civier. Castles will be new barracks.
  2. Building new huts for the new workers! they are plenty of them xD
  3. Redesign the lumberjack hut. Seems oddly mistmatched with my current form of building (did i just really say that?)
  4. More decorations, ships and medieval stuff!

I will continue to do more buildings as they came up, but only for the top version of the mod, wich is currently 1.12.2.
Right now im planing on finish all buildings (barracks and towers) and make some decorations like hatcheries, butcheries, gallows and such.

How to use?
Just download the .rar and extract its contents in minecolonies/schematics folder, inside your minecraft folder wich is by default in AppData/Roaming.

How to use custom miner schems, custom supply camp and ship?

For the camps just put the files inside minecolonies/schematics and it should work. Miner schems are already inside each style folder

Downloads for 1.12.2:
Medieval Oak v1.3.0
Medieval Spruce v1.3.0
Medieval Birch v1.3.0
Medieval Dark Oak v1.3.0

Misc downloads:
Alternative Medieval Huts v1.1.8

Custom Supply Structures v1.2

Older Versions (lack certain blocks and buildings):
Schematics 1.12.2 V1
Schematics 1.11.2
Schematics 1.10.2

Show ContentSpoiler:

Building Tips:
  1. Plan yourself ahead! the TownHall becomes a castle at lvl5 so plan carefully where to place it! Look for an elevated position where you can build walls and towers later.
  2. There's small variations between styles, mostly roofs and interior decoration. Almost all buildings contain only one type of wood(with the exception of TownHall), so priorize the construction of a sawmill at the begining!
  3. Some buildings have their hut block elevated (TownHall, Ctitizen hut, Dman...), place them taking this in mind.
  4. Dark Oak wooden buildings need more wood than other styles! Makes the progresion slower, but the result its worth it.
  5. The fisherman hut its best placed at sea shore, not rivers. Also, it might give trouble at snowy biomes, or if you use season mods where water freezes over. A few torches (buoy like) placed will do the work
  6. Enjoy being a feudal lord!

Create your own medieval village, wiith 4 variants: Oak wooden, Spruce wooden, Birch wooden and Dark Oak wooden!

[Image: q3234tw.jpg]

Special Thanks to the Minecolonies dev team for the amazing work they are doing, this is my small contribution to this amazing mod!

If you find anything thats not supposed to be, like the builder asking for eggs or misplaced stuff, just tell me wich wooden building is having the issue and ill fix it in no time!
If you got amazing photos of your colony-city using these schematics dont hesitate to post them here! i really want to look more towns using this stuff Smile . Also, im lacking more screenshots of the spruce, birch and Dark oak styles Tongue.

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  Miner has weird command
Posted by: Nukes - 07.12.2017, 09:12 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - Replies (2)

every time i build a miner they come up with this weird message above their head

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  Minecolonies Version questions.
Posted by: Nukes - 06.12.2017, 07:17 - Forum: Feedback / Balance - Replies (1)

I am currently running a Minecraft server for my family and are having issues with Minecolonies 1.12.2-0.8.5810 from alpha with forge 1.12.2- I am currently looking for the most compatible and least buggy version. Also want to keep the current forge cause it keeps changing all the time.

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  Decoration Schematics and Invasions
Posted by: Snapshot84 - 06.12.2017, 01:13 - Forum: Content / Design Suggestions - Replies (5)

Hi team,

First off, you guys are amazing! I've been watching the progress on this mod reboot for years. I'm SO amazed and happy on where you are at and I love the ideas you have for the future.

Here are some thoughts I've had in playing through this recently

1.) Invasions.
(Changes): I would love to see more variation in the loot drop from Barbarian hordes. Currently, it seems they just drop boatloads of swords/bows which ends up being more of an inconvenience than anything. I'd say reduce the loot drop rate and maybe drop more enchanted items or rare/hard to get items (diamonds, glowstone, etc). My other frustration with the system is that the notice that "barbarians are coming tonight" happens pretty much right as they spawn which means I have very little time to find where they spawned before they start murdering my villagers. It would be nice to have some notice so we can prepare or get to the spawn locations and effectively defend our villagers. 
(Additions/Improvements): It would be cool if Barbarian camps spawned nearby your town that were the cause of the barbarian attacks at night. That could allow us to go in, when we were prepared (even bring our guards along as support) and raid the barbarian camp (for some sweet loots). Once the camp was cleared out, it would spare us from getting attacked for a few nights. As our town got larger, the barbarian camps could get larger and harder to clear out. 

2.) Decoration/Filler schematics
We definitely have some great designs in this category already. I love the walls and bridges, not to mention the library and market place. I would love to see some additional filler type building schematics to help flush out our towns a bit more. Obviously this is Minecraft so we aren't limited to just building these ourselves, but it's really fun to utilize the coordinated schematics for the different material types (mesa, sandstone, wood, stone, etc). Some ideas for additional decoration/filler buildings are:
    Larger Schematics    
        Mill (with waterwheel)
        Temple/Shrine (with nether portal)
        Bath House
        Music Store/Concert hall (with jukeboxes/note blocks)
        Stables (to keep horses)
        Alchemist (maybe a new worker?)
    Smaller Schematics
        Market Stall
        Storage Pile (stone blocks, or wood logs, chests, etc)
        Wagon/Ale Cart
        Clock tower

Please keep up the great work you guys!! This mod is fantastic!

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  First thought suggestions.
Posted by: dizuki - 04.12.2017, 10:34 - Forum: Content / Design Suggestions - Replies (2)

Ok i've enjoyed this mod during its first run while minecraft was still in beta. I was so happy to see its revival and i was not disappointed. However after some time of playing around with the mod both alone and in the simple life mod pack i had some ideas in my head for things i felt could really take this mod up a notch. Sorry if this is a bit long. 

1. Barbarian king - Right now barbarians re a great addition but feel more like a nuisance then anything else. So my suggestion is to add some sort of drop like a Barbarian totem. These totems would have a 25% or so drop rate from barbarians and are required in large numbers to build a hall of heros. A building that increases happiness, or improves your soldiers or something but at the same time makes the barbarians stronger, better armed, ect. Once the building is leveled up all the way a very strong wave of Barbarians arrives with a special extra Boss monster level strong one that seeks you out personally. The reward for this could be some special weapon or armor or even unlocking another special building. I just feel it would be cool to have something to work to. 

2. Hobbies - Ok so i seem to have a bit of an unemployment problem in my towns as i don't like having a 1:3 troop to villager ratio, but as the same time 1 lumberjack, 1 farmer, and 1 miner, 2 bakers, 2 builders, 2 deliverymen usually gets the job done. Thats 9/50 citizens maybe 11 if i build a 3rd baker and a second farmer. So it could be nice if villagers had a hobby. This is a small trait that it tied to their highest stat and their happiness . A few examples could be gardener, each day they randomly have a few flowers placed in their inventory. The amount and the rarity dependant on that stat and how happy they are. This would make unemployed citizens not completely useless, and even in a small way very useful to have a few freeloaders hanging around. 

3. Replayability - This is the big one, that i foresee being a problem with this mod. It really fun once or twice but if you guys don't pump out content the mod may die off again. Which isn't really fair to you guys, or your loyal fan base. I've seen the idea of different races floating around. While i think that's not really the feel of the mod, some sort of "faction" choice may help increase the amount of runs a player can have before getting bored of the mod.  Each faction doesn't have to be too different. Just tweak a few thing around. One faction can build a library that increases the intelligence of new citizens by 1 each level. But have a equal trade off like for each level of the library built non intelligence jobs work slower. Another one has stronger troops but buildings can't be built higher then your hall of heros level *cough past idea advertising*. Just changing up the formula a bit with each playthrough can really spice things up, especially on servers where players villages can be a bit identical. 

Well those are just my thoughts. I really like this mod alot, and its actually gotten me back into minecraft after a year and a half break from it. I'd like to do anything i can to see it stick around even if its just spitting out a few extra ideas.

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  Placing town hall shuts down server.
Posted by: Martooth - 01.12.2017, 15:06 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - Replies (2)

I’m having a problem with placing the town hall. I use the wand to set where it goes, hit the green check and boom! Server shuts down. It doesn’t generate a crash report it just shuts down the server with "A fatal error has occurred, this connection is terminated" and that world is dead. I have tried starting multiple worlds, Creative, survival, clearing a spot of all obstructions it didn’t help. I'm running forge-1.12.2- and minecolonies-universal-1.12.2-0.8.5056 with no other mods. Any ideas?

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Question Invasion visuals
Posted by: Araxidis - 30.11.2017, 06:03 - Forum: Content / Design Suggestions - Replies (2)

Is there any way to have a visual appear in-game or on the JourneyMap minimap when invaders are coming in? Perhaps create a waypoint that could be disabled for those who don't want it. I have one guard and she is remarkably useless.

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  What are some examples of transition words?
Posted by: alexphilips - 29.11.2017, 12:19 - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (3)

Thus, for example, for instance, namely, to illustrate, in other words, in particular, specifically, such as. On the contrary, contrarily, notwithstanding, but, however, nevertheless, in spite of, in contrast, yet, on one hand, on the other hand, rather, or, nor, conversely, at the same time, while this may be true.

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  Workers just standing still
Posted by: FirzenDark - 28.11.2017, 16:24 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - Replies (1)

I am using Minecolonies 1.10.2 v4063. I upgraded to v4908 but then all my workers just stop moving around. When I recall call them the wrong worker goes to the station I recall. For instance the runner will go to the fishing hut. I downgraded back to v4063 but the workers still don't move around and still go to the wrong hut when I recall them.

Any suggestions???? Sad

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