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  2nd warehouse, how does it work? Does it work?
Posted by: adegans - 20.04.2019, 08:09 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Hi all,

Recently I made some suggestions and raycom suggested I make a 2nd warehouse to get more delivery dudes running around.

I now built that 2nd warehouse, currently upgrading it to lvl5, I think it's lvl3 now.
I also made 5 more delivery huts dotted around town.

All 10 delivery people are running around like before. But nothing gets done in the 2nd warehouse.

I rehired all delivery men, so that the game could re-assign them or something.

I punched them all to 'reset' their logic.

But no items go into the new warehouse.

In itself that's fine, if everyone dumps their stuff in my primary warehouse. But I can't tell if the 5 new delivery men are working at all.


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  Waypoints/pathing completely wrong.
Posted by: adegans - 20.04.2019, 07:59 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - Replies (2)

Since Waypoints seem broken - Or the mod makes it a priority to have builders and deliver man wander along EVERY waypoint in town before ignoring the obvious route and getting stuck on the way to their destination.

How do I get rid of waypoints?
Is there some command that deletes (or disables) them all? Or what do I do about this super frustrating pathing issue?

I followed my builder around for several days to a buildsite literally some 50-70 blocks away from his hut.
We went all over town on a walk that took 5 ingame hours. By the time he finally got to the buildsite, places one block and spends 5 hours walking back. Then go home because of darkness. And it starts all over again.

If you want I can draw a map with the route, if that helps anything.

Deliverymen like to swim, while there are perfectly fine paths to walk on.
Fetching them with a golden lasso doesn't help. They get right back to the water and get stuck on the edge. Staring to a spot in the water for many ingame hours before either diving in, or repathing and get stuck on a tree or something.

Workers, deliverymen and builders, soldiers, everyone gets stuck on every bump or thing. 
You know, I have this little cocoa farm, yesterday I punched 20 some colonists away from the cocoa pods. As they were all stuck on it. And no, the farm is not on some path or often walked direction. There is no reason any NPC is there at all.

Earlier this evening a builder died because he build a wall over himself while building a deliver man hut and suffocated.

So, my last thing to try is to get rid of all waypoints and see if that helps.

Otherwise I guess I'll go play something else. This is unplayable Sad

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  Recover or reset building
Posted by: Surroth - 19.04.2019, 21:41 - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Greetings,  Is there a way to recover a building, or get the builder to recognize that the building is already there?  I broke the warehouse hut block by accident, now it does not recognize I have a warehouse even though I put it back in the same spot using the builders tool.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,

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  Parent cancellaion failed
Posted by: ilafet - 18.04.2019, 14:03 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - No Replies


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  Building orientation wrong after upgrade
Posted by: adegans - 16.04.2019, 05:25 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - Replies (2)

Maybe not a bug perse, but a heads up and something to look at ->

I placed houses in an older version (couple of months old). And updated MC a few days ago to *.259.

Today I upgraded a few houses from Lvl 4 to 5 and they're all facing the wrong way now. 
The builder rotated them 180 degrees and left a piece of the old house - This piece blocks the new door so colonists can't enter.
But more important, when I place the door facing the road/path and now it isn't, it kinda screws with the layout of my town. 

Angry I'll rebuild them later on from Lvl1, but perhaps for future versions this can be prevented.

The house model is MedievalOak. It probably happens with others too, but I didn't check.
Builders are wholly inefficient and dumb since the *.259 update. So not really in the mood for an experiment Wink

Also, did the build materials change? I don't remember needing Purpur for lvl5 houses before.

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  Colonists Buried Town Hall Podium
Posted by: pLeo - 14.04.2019, 19:49 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Im having an issue with colonists arriving due to space issues, but each time I upgrade or build a town hall they bury the podium under the building. Can I move it without moving where my town hall upgrades will be, or do I need to upgrade it all the way then move the podium? Im using the medieval oak town hall option.

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  Chicken herder stuck, sometimes the miner too, since last update.
Posted by: adegans - 13.04.2019, 03:09 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - Replies (3)

I've updated to the latest Release yesterday and immediately noticed that some workers get stuck.

They just stand around with their status (above their head) speeding through "NEED ITEM" and "INVENTORY FULL".
These two alternate like 10x per second or so.

There is no request for items, but if I give them the tools they want/need it doesn't reset.
Also recalling them doesn't help.
The inventory is empty or near empty.

If I fire them, close the menu, then rehire them they work again for a day or so.

I noticed that after updating from *.68 (I think, couple of months ago) to *.259 (yesterdays release) this starts to happen.

Repeatedly to the chicken man, which I finally fired and replaced with another worker who has the same problem.
And one of my miners had it once, but after re-hiring him it didn't happen again. Yet...

I didn't see anything in the log about a missing thing or error. Reloading the game (Single player) temporarily solves the issue also.
So it may very well be a buffer kind of thingy that needs to reset for these kinds of jobs. Kind of like a memory leak in an app.


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  Needs a few more jobs
Posted by: adegans - 13.04.2019, 02:19 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)


I tend to build (or try to) larger colonies.
In my current settings I allow up to 100 colonists and the build area/town area is 10 chunks (so 20 square chunks).
I have a Chunkloader to keep the whole thing loaded.

For the most part this works fine.

However, there are a few things I would like to see added or improved:

1. Beyond 50 colonists there aren't enough deliverymen to go around.
A warehouse upgrade with a diamond block to add 5 more deliverymen would be nice.

2. Charcoal maker
A guy that makes charcoal, maybe a stack per day or so...
With a fuel option, so he won't burn chests or plants if you don't want to.

3. Medic/herbalist
Some kind of healing plant/potion that colonists can pick up to heal.
Obviously this is handy for soldiers, but it can also tie in into the happiness system.

4. Better pathing
I create paths all over town, with slabs and stairs where needed for a smooth walk.
I've dotted a waypoint all over them every 4-8 blocks.
Workers go everywhere and don't follow waypoints at all, or take illogical routes.

5. Builders should be more efficient
If I give them 20 materials to build with and they take 1 item at a time there is a lot of time lost by them walking around getting stuff over and over again. They can easily carry more items to build quicker/more efficient.

6. Shoes for the deliveryman
Make the guy run faster or get over obstacles more easily with boots.
This can be a simple leather boot or something.

7. Unemployed workers
They can still assist in some stuff. Auto visit the library on occasion to learn a skill.
Help fight mobs as a militia. Or even help the delivery man.

8. Warehouse manager
Delivery guys throw stuff in random chests.
A warehouse manager would prevent that and organise things as they should.
I, the player, use the warehouse too, so things are specific chests. Someone to keep it that way is handy.
As an extra they could delivery things between multiple warehouses if needed.
If you want things extra advanced, a 2nd warehouse could be introduced as a extended storage where a manager would manage both and keep things in check.

9. Newspaper/announcer
Give citizens something to do at night/on their way home. Announce raids or food shortages. Or anything exciting.
This would cost paper or books or something.

10. Bard/Jester
Provide entertainment for citizens which results in more happiness.
The bard would hang around the townhall or restaurant and make silly jokes or play a tune.

11. More soldier in guard tower/barracks tower.
Add a 2nd soldier to standard guardtowers or the larger towers to make them more effective.
If on auto, one knight and one ranger would help a lot.

There's probably more Wink but that's what i can think of now.

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  Recipes disappear every day
Posted by: rabu1999 - 10.04.2019, 15:46 - Forum: Bugs & Compatibility Issues - Replies (1)

I and a friend play together on a MC server with the Modpack all the mods 3. And every day when I go on it I look at the saw mill and Stonemanson for the recipes and realize that they are gone again. at first we thought it would be up to the walk to improve the buildings but even now (sawmill and stonemason on 5) the rezapte still disappear. I now have no idea why they always disappear and slowly it is really on the nerves again and again to re-save all recipes. I hope someone can help me.

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Brick "A NEW WORLD" 1.12.2 [Realistic] [Medieval] [Mature] [White List] Hard Survival
Posted by: Bonnydust - 10.04.2019, 00:32 - Forum: Fan Run Servers - Replies (8)

"A New World" 1.12.2 forge modded survival server on hard difficultly is loosely based on the colonisation of Australia or a new world.

Arriving onboard one of the ships of the First Fleet you will be able to obtain a small starter kit to help you get off the spawn island, on which there are several simple public buildings for use including barracks where in your single room with just two chests you may wish to spend the night or several before venturing out on your quest to find a great place to settle. 
[Image: Spawn-Islands.jpg]

On the way you will pass through many different biomes and see a lot of interesting flora and fauna. Until eventually you find the one, that piece of land that just calls to you. And you settle down... to live a quiet life alone, or build a thriving town using the Mine Colonies mod, the choice is yours.

But beware, the undead walk the earth and they are smarter, faster and may even be one of us! With Zombie Awareness and Zombie Players the challenge is real, these zombies can hear the sounds of you going about your business and will be attracted to the area. If you take damage you will bleed and the scent wafts invitingly on the breeze to bring them in ever closer. These smart zombies don't burn in the sun, can open doors and will rearrange the goods in your chests if they get a chance.

And yet while you fight these undead hordes you must also keep the members of your colony fed, housed and safe, continuing to help them build a working supply chain and protect them from barbarians and pirates who will attempt to wreck your hard work

Share your journey with the other players on our small server, mining, pitting together to dig out huge holes for mob farms, fighting the wither, exploring the end - the choice is yours.

We do ask that you act mature, be responsible, refrain from raging, griefing, or complaining about dying (because you will). We are looking for players who are into the whole experience playing with others brings and are willing to share a little of themselves, their culture and are ready for good times and laughter.

All ages and nationalities accepted (suitable for parent + child or husband + wife playing scenarios) however the majority of our player base is over 20.

We do NOT do Discord, Teamspeak, Skype etc so please don't ask. We do however appreciate a good chat in game at times and many players keep connected via our servers FACEBOOK GROUP.

If this server sounds like the kind of place you'd like to join please post the answer to our questions below, or message them to me if you aren't comfortable posting them on the forum, there are no right or wrong answers

Minecraft Username : 
Age : 
Country : 
Gender :

The world is approx 6 weeks old with approx 15 regular players, 10'000 block world order to promote community and player interaction.

Other mods include but are not limited to:

Weather 2
Sophisticated Wolves
Zoo & Wild Animals Rebuilt
Lil Critters
Familiar Fauna
Base Metals
Rope Bridges
Decoration Mega Pack
Biomes O Plenty
Desire Paths

Inserted photo : map of spawn created using MineColonies buildings that have been "repurposed".
Photo 1 : Church (adapted from medieval oak town hall) and graveyard at spawn for players to place the gravestone from their very first deaths!
Photo 2 : Pirates at Spirit Of Woodys colony!
Photo 3 : Public storage building at spawn (repurposed medieval oak warehouse).

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