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Spam on the forums - adegans - 26.07.2019

Everytime I look on the forum there are a bunch of spam topics and stupid stuff.
Maybe you guys couldĀ install some kind of spam filter, or signup verification thing.

Or - If you want to make it easier, also on the actual website, switch over to WordPress and bbPress so you can use Akismet and other tools.
I have pretty much 0 spam on my website with that plugin and some custom code I wrote.

Let me know if you need help with that.

RE: Spam on the forums - holty07 - 26.11.2019

Sorry to bump an old topic, but are you guys doing anything about the spam at the moment?

RE: Spam on the forums - adegans - 28.11.2019

Old, but relevant.
And as you can see, in the months since I posted this nothing has improved or was even acknowledged.

I don't think this forum is moderated much, if at all. Other than the occasional and sporadic reply to questions from the admin.