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Your friendly neighbourhood Poro! - PoroUsedSnax - 10.11.2017

Hey guys!

Many will know me from the official server and Discord, but may have wondered about my role with MineColonies since joining the team. I work on developing and maintaining our new website and this here forum. I started with the team wanting to help out in some way but never knew how to code mods, or do graphics/voice work, but I had my skills in web development, and proposed the idea of designing a new website, and now here we are!

I am born and bred in England (Greater Manchester) and am currently studying Motor Vehicle Maintainence and Repair in college, as well as volunteering with the British Red Cross as a First Aider.

If anyone would like to know more or just have a chat, I'm just a forum or discord message away (most of the time Big Grin )

- PoroUsedSnax