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Current Building Competition! - Raycoms - 10.11.2017

Hi everyone, we're finally launching our next building competition.

This time it will be all about the "Town Center".

In most medieval towns the town center had a special meaning since it has been used for their traditional events, as well for the weekly fair and for public executions.

Therefore it would be also important if we had a Town center decoration to deliver with the mod.

The rules:

We're searching for Decorations in 5 degrees of difficulties (1-5).
Each player is allowed to enter exactly 1 entry per difficulty.

The size to consider is 20 * 20 * 10 blocks (20 on the xz level, 10 on the y level).
Please make sure all your entries have the same size.

The winners will be announced in a Youtube video and will receive the "Builder" rank on our official server.
(Besides the satisfaction to contribute to our mod)

The IP of the server is:

It's 1.10 vanilla Minecraft, further details you'll find at the spawn of the server.