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Nice seeds for Minecolonies - quintenv - 18.12.2017

Maybe it is to share some Nice seeds and locations we've found.

I would recommend to use the seed -2407599372550419357 and go to the coordinates -1000, 64, 1000. You'll find a beautiful almost perfectly flat valley next to a river with pine trees, some oak trees, cows, porcs and horses. in the next valley you'll find a roofed forest. alpacas and sheeps can be found nearby too.[Image: dream%20valley%201.png][Image: dream%20valley%202.png][Image: dream%20valley%203.png]

RE: Nice seeds for Minecolonies - Araxidis - 21.12.2017

That is a very nice valley! I'd like to live there!

RE: Nice seeds for Minecolonies - Yoeril - 24.05.2018

I had found a nice place myself but by flying :p But i'll try to post seed and coordinates as soon as I can ^^

RE: Nice seeds for Minecolonies - Yoeril - 25.05.2018


Plains next forest, savanna and desert, with mutton

RE: Nice seeds for Minecolonies - Yoeril - 27.05.2018


Coordinates: -134/68/-199

Nice plains with some hills but globally plain, with next to a river, a savanna, a swamp, wild cow, chickens, pigs, sheeps and pumpkins. Sand, gravel and clay close to the point.

For my point of view, one of the best places to begin a colony Big Grin

RE: Nice seeds for Minecolonies - Vexikuri - 11.05.2020

Post bump Wink

Found this and thought I had to share.  Playing 1.12, Large Biomes with Mo villages with 70 other mods.  Thought the tower up on the hill was pretty bad ass.  This is just seconds from spawn.

Seed name - Razorblade

[Image: Y8LXv6R]

RE: Nice seeds for Minecolonies - ITOFAL - 12.05.2020

I happened on this seed and it seems good for Mine Colonies.
Minecraft 12.2 Default
Seed -1524909436
Spawn in forest, walk south to a huge plains area with access to enough water to place a Supply ship.
Loads of Extreme Hills, Swampland, Forest etc, and although it’s a bit of a trek north to desert, there’s plenty of sand around.
Go to http://mineatlas.com/ to see the whole map.
[Image: Km62JWj2SaYVY0cO0K56ED2r7hpsatUoQnOhwqPx...7sdTg=s114]

RE: Nice seeds for Minecolonies - UltraLord335 - 15.03.2021

Yeap, seed is great.
Everything is here)