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Classic Minecolony style - Mike7998 - 07.07.2018

Complete port of all structures from the original minecolony mod, complete with added levels to make them compatible with the new system. Currently WIP.

   Town Hall
[Image: 2018-06-09_16.58.42.png]

[Image: 2018-06-10_21.46.40.png]

   Citizen's Hut:
[Image: 2018-07-05_17.26.44.png]

[Image: 2018-06-17_18.13.56.png]

[Image: 2018-07-04_23.09.41.png]

[Image: 2018-07-06_18.32.21.png]

[Image: 2018-07-06_17.33.20.png]

Put folder named classic in your /minecolonies/schematics folder.