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City Style Idea - DustyBurrows - 23.10.2021

I have an idea for a potential minecolonies style: City Style.  I was thinking about using modular buildings which you can stack, with a staircase at the back of the building, as well as having two (possibly 3) different of buildings: a base building, which is located on the ground, as well as upper, and possible a roof style.  I have a few pictures of the basic base for the house (as in an apartment).  The other ideas for this pack would be a car garage for the mechanic, (strictly on the base level, as cars can't go up easily), police station for the guard house, a prison for the barracks, a town hall with a working clock tower (I'm still working out how to implement a working clock using the daylight censor).  There can be different styles too, and possibly fake billboards attached to the buildings
here is a picture of what I had in mind, mind you, it isn't fully fleshed out:
[Image: G4IzlU1.png]here is a picture of the crawl space:[Image: ZZSiZDe.png]
I probably can't do this all on my own, as a lot of work is needed.  But any thoughts?

Also, I ha an idea for the hospital doors, a fully functional piston door, but I'm not sure if the AI pathfinding would like it:[Image: xZJ2r9C.png]