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Villagers are gone - Offis - 25.01.2019

Hi all,

I played MC on my homenetwork with my sons for a few day. Everything is fine.
But yesterday I stated my server, locked in, and all my Villagers are gone.
I canĀ“t open any chest of the houses.
I try to set a new bilder, I get the message "Townhall" needed.

What can I do? Why ist my colonie dead *cry*

RE: Villagers are gone - Cosmology27 - 29.01.2019

Sorry for the stupid question, but is your town hall still there?
If not, you need to get another townhall, which I imagine would reset your town sadly.

If you DO still have your town hall, did someone ask for an upgrade, or even worse, a reposition of it? That could be what caused the problem. I had a similar issue when I repositioned by warehouse. It stopped functioning, and was a huge pain for a while.