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Some schematics ideas - vallenshield - 05.02.2019

To start this topic off I'm in no way a builder my building always look like crap and look like an eyesore in my opinion. Sorry for any bad spelling in ahead of time for I suck at spelling.

So first off I'm looking for some builders to make schematics for buildings that support other mods. I will list mods that I would like to have schematics for and if anyone elts has any please post your list (also please post what type of schematics you looking for to specifically if there is any).

I will add what other people posted to this list for ease of finding it as well (anything posted in this thread).

 1. Ice and Fire
     A. Dragons Stables (lvls 1- 5)
     B. Hatchery (lvls 1-5)
     C. Stylized buildings for everything elts for the mod (lvls 1-5)
 2. Dragon Mounts 2
     A. Dragon Stables (lvls 1-5)

RE: Some schematics ideas - ganthor - 02.03.2019

using Ice and Fire as well and minecolonies includes a Medieval Spruce style that suits very well with Ice and Fire.

the autor of the style also uploaded a bunch of decorations that you need to download yourseft as they are not incluided in the official minecolonies:

carlansor Medieval Style buildings and Decos

get the aditional medieval spruce decos uploaded there and you will find a medieval stable that im using for dragons and cocaktrices