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Barbarian doesn't attack - Drop365 - 25.03.2019

sometimes barbarians doesn't attack and this message approves:
Only 5 left
Only 4 left
Only 3 left
Only 2 left
Only 1 left
You sucsesfully defend your colony!
and this messages approves insantly and then villagers approves only next day.

RE: Barbarian doesn't attack - Drop365 - 26.03.2019

also sometimes barbarian glitch out, im mean sometimes they can broke villager door with ladder and my villager can't enter to door

RE: Barbarian doesn't attack - Varagar1234 - 26.03.2019

I'm new here, so I might be wrong.
In your game, is it the day?
I suppose the barbarians die during the day, so if this happens the barbarians will just die and respawn.

RE: Barbarian doesn't attack - Drop365 - 27.03.2019

so basically im need to kill them in night (they attacking my village in night) and then sleep?

RE: Barbarian doesn't attack - Varagar1234 - 28.03.2019

Yes, I think it would correct your glitch.

If it does, please keep us up-to-date!