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Acacia Chicken Hearder's Hut - ArashiDragon - 26.04.2019

Noticed a design flaw in the building. There's a small gap 2 blocks tall 1 block wide (x2) on the chicken coop between the two buildings. One on each side of the door to into the coop. It's a fence with a torch on it, so technically it's 1.5 block gap.

There is a hay bale in front of it, this allows the chickens to get on top and then walk right over the fence escaping the coop.

I corrected it just by adding another fence on top of the existing fence.

NOTE: I only noticed this after I reached the Level 5 hut, not sure if it's there on previous levels.

***EDIT*** Not sure if this is posted in the correct section, or if there's a better place to post this. Not really a bug, just a small building design correction. If it needs to be moved, then so be it.

RE: Acacia Chicken Hearder's Hut - KarenHayes-Mitchell - 02.05.2019

Fixed, will be updated soon