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(New building style) XIX colonists (WIP)
A little bad news..

I ended the Mine, but I do not succeed in doing that the tool places correctly the hut's chest.

When I build the Mine, I place the chest with an orientation (facing East, meta:5)

Then when I want to place it, in the GUI, the chest have the good orientation and keeps the same as the Mine, even if I rotate the schematic.

But when I confirm, he finds itself placed 90 degrees counterclockwise ("facing north", meta:2). Whatever the orientation chosen, there is always this rotation which is made..

I almost tried everything:
- place it directly by clicking the ground with it in hand
- place another Mine with the tool, rotate it to reach the good orientation then confirm.
- copy another Mine's chest with Worldedit then paste it (with and without /rotate)

Anybody knows the best way to place the hut's chest in order to scan and build it correctly?

Problem virtually solved in this thread in the bug section

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