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(New building style) XIX colonists (WIP)
(12.11.2017, 18:18)Raycoms Wrote: I think it would make sense to use the substitution blocks instead of the stone blocks, else the builder will try to place stone there.

On the overall picture, you can see the scanned build on the left, with lot of substition blocks (with solid under sand). What you see to the right is the result, thus sandstone, terracotte, or stone.., according to the ground of the biome.

There is the two views because after ground being destroyed there are again substitution blocks that keep your decoration near the build, preventing that all empty space being replaced by air when upgrading. For now, the garden is "all cleaned", only at the last level.

When I'll have finished the 2nd building I'll do a little better their presentations (and displays)..  Blush

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