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Forum Markup
(16.11.2017, 20:15)Auriel_1 Wrote:
(12.11.2017, 10:02)Asherslab Wrote: Soo first topic would be tables! Tables are pretty cool if i do say so myself. it's pretty simple, so i'll give you a quick example table, and you can use it however you like.

Nice  Smile

But I hope that the 2nd topic will soon concern the images, because it's always a mess to post screenshots and other images.
See in my thread, I've uploaded and pasted an image (less than 500Mo resized), so with the [attachment] markup, but I didn't find how to put it in another size than this ridiculous small thumbnail...

And as neither the links from my Google drive, nor those from my dropbox are compatible with the [img] markup, I'm stuck with that.. (I don't want to manage one more cloud storage...)

If there is a markup workaround, I am interested  Big Grin

Edit: also, I don't find equivalent of the very useful spoiler markup to hide my building description for exemple..

I've changed it so that images actually show as images instead of those silly small thumbnails, also just added a spoiler markup:

[spoiler=title of spoiler]Spoiler content[/spoiler]

[spoiler="title of spoiler"]Spoiler content[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Spoiler content[/spoiler]

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