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How to change the size of the colony? Bug?
I have started playing this mod as part of the "World of Dragons" modpack through the twitch launcher. Its not a great modpack tbh but it has this mod in and some RPG stuff which is what I wanted to play.
The version of mincolonies in the pack seems to be "minecolonies-1.12.2-0.9.137- ALPHA-universal.jar"

I very carefully placed my town hall so that I had a big area in which to place my town, well within what the wiki claims to be an area of "180 blocks in every direction will be your protected Town area". Now I am trying to place a building about 100 blocks from my town hall but get the message "You need to be closer to your town hall".

This map shows the chunks and locations:

The wiki also claims that I can "configure your own Town area radius in the minecolonies.cfg file inside the "../minecraft/config/" folder".  In my config folder I found this:

        # Colony size (radius) - deprecated, don't use

        # Colony size (radius in chunks around central colony chunk)

I think where I am trying to place the building is well within that 200 block/16 chunk range. I tried doubling both numbers and saving over the .cfg file but still could not place the farm building. Have I misunderstood something?

I found this similar issue on github, but it is closed and I don't understand what the solution was. It seems they deleted the colony?

I cannot be the first person to have encountered this. If anyone has managed to resolve this issue please let me know.


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How to change the size of the colony? Bug? - by Notaro - 06.10.2018, 18:03

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