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Needs a few more jobs

I tend to build (or try to) larger colonies.
In my current settings I allow up to 100 colonists and the build area/town area is 10 chunks (so 20 square chunks).
I have a Chunkloader to keep the whole thing loaded.

For the most part this works fine.

However, there are a few things I would like to see added or improved:

1. Beyond 50 colonists there aren't enough deliverymen to go around.
A warehouse upgrade with a diamond block to add 5 more deliverymen would be nice.

2. Charcoal maker
A guy that makes charcoal, maybe a stack per day or so...
With a fuel option, so he won't burn chests or plants if you don't want to.

3. Medic/herbalist
Some kind of healing plant/potion that colonists can pick up to heal.
Obviously this is handy for soldiers, but it can also tie in into the happiness system.

4. Better pathing
I create paths all over town, with slabs and stairs where needed for a smooth walk.
I've dotted a waypoint all over them every 4-8 blocks.
Workers go everywhere and don't follow waypoints at all, or take illogical routes.

5. Builders should be more efficient
If I give them 20 materials to build with and they take 1 item at a time there is a lot of time lost by them walking around getting stuff over and over again. They can easily carry more items to build quicker/more efficient.

6. Shoes for the deliveryman
Make the guy run faster or get over obstacles more easily with boots.
This can be a simple leather boot or something.

7. Unemployed workers
They can still assist in some stuff. Auto visit the library on occasion to learn a skill.
Help fight mobs as a militia. Or even help the delivery man.

8. Warehouse manager
Delivery guys throw stuff in random chests.
A warehouse manager would prevent that and organise things as they should.
I, the player, use the warehouse too, so things are specific chests. Someone to keep it that way is handy.
As an extra they could delivery things between multiple warehouses if needed.
If you want things extra advanced, a 2nd warehouse could be introduced as a extended storage where a manager would manage both and keep things in check.

9. Newspaper/announcer
Give citizens something to do at night/on their way home. Announce raids or food shortages. Or anything exciting.
This would cost paper or books or something.

10. Bard/Jester
Provide entertainment for citizens which results in more happiness.
The bard would hang around the townhall or restaurant and make silly jokes or play a tune.

11. More soldier in guard tower/barracks tower.
Add a 2nd soldier to standard guardtowers or the larger towers to make them more effective.
If on auto, one knight and one ranger would help a lot.

There's probably more Wink but that's what i can think of now.

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