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Minecolonies Release System
Hello everyone and welcome to Minecolonies

Our release system is separated into 3 processes and we currently support 1.10.2, 1.11.2 and 1.12.2.

All our releases initiate as an alpha version where they will get uploaded as an alpha on Curse: Click me for curse

And on our private repository:  Click me for alpha repository

After smoothing out the updates over several weeks we create a beta version which can be also found on curse and in our private repository: Click me for beta repository

After a beta has run smoothly without great complaints we create an official release also on curse and the private repository: Click me for release repository

This way we try to guarantee that release and beta versions are as stable as possible still giving players the possibility to help test out our newest additions.
Besides that Patrons are invited to join in a special "Testers" Channel on our Discord where they will be able to test unreleased features which are in pre-alpha testing.

If you experience any bug please make sure to test if still happening in the most recent alpha.

We will try to post changelogs of the newest alphas, betas and releases in this section of the forum every time we release it.
The newest changelogs are immediately uploaded on our Discord as soon as they get released.

Have a nice time playing.


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