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Sifter Stops Working (also Farmer) and Crusher not Requesting
Version: 259 release (also tested in 303 Alpha and problem persists)
ModPack: Life in the Village

SIFTER:  was working fine for a little while but suddenly stops. The building is configured correctly, he has the right materials and a mesh is selected (Iron, purchased using Buy button) but he just stands there and does nothing. Tried firing and rehiring, tried recalling. Nothing works.

FARMER: Gets stuck near water consistently. I think it's a pathing issue. If I simply bump into him and nudge him away he resets. Happens frequently. The field is right by the farm on a 1 block raised grid of dirt.

CRUSHER: He requests Cobblestone (which is what I set in the GUI) but there is no delivery. I have tons in the warehouse but the deliverymen doesn't fulfill. Delivery priority tested at 6, 8, and 9.
Noticed something odd. When I open the Sifter GUI, it says "Crusher" in the name field but it still has the Sifter Page 2 GUI. I decided that if the Sifter isn't working, I don't need my Crusher because they were supposed to work together so I destroyed the Crusher building. Now my Sifter is working again. Very odd.

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