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How I play MineColonies...
I know nobody wants to know how I play this mod, but I like to tell for some people who cares to know how people are playing the same mod as they do. I play MineColonies in a specific way I like to call: MineColonies: Colonization. Which is a kind of play-through that is more in depth then one might see based on the name. MineColonies: Colonization is a game-type where the player play as a Viceroy from one of the four fictional colonial powers heading towards the new world and attempt to achieve their independence from their oppressive leaders or die trying. The four fictional colonial powers are as follows: 

Guardia: Kingdom of Crafters
Harmonia: Kingdom of Peace-lovers
Ustaria: Kingdom of Trading
Frocia: Kingdom of Warmongers

The game starts with the player choosing one of these four kingdoms to become a viceroy for which is determined what the player wishes to do in the new world. For example: If the player's want to focus on creating more than one settlement and try your best to fill them to the brim with colonists, all 5-tier buildings, and having yummy food for their colonists to have, then playing as the Viceroy of Guardia would be more suited for him/her or if the player just hate the natives of the new world, wanting to annihilate them by pillaging their crops, burning their villages and killing them all by dumping lava in their homes, making them beg for mercy then playing as the Viceroy of Frocia will be home for that kind of player.

The game continues on until one of three things happens:

Independence Won: This is achieved by defeating all of the Crown's ground forces ( Regulars, Regular Dragoons, and Artillery [ Warships do not count as ground forces] ) and creating their liberated banner. The game can continue on but the player will no longer gain anymore points for your final score

Independence Lost: This is gain when all the player's ground forces ( Regulars, Dragoons, and Cannons [ Like with the Crown's ground forces, warships do not count as ground forces] ) and ends with their execution for treason against the crown.

Mandate Expired: This is a optional setting for those who has Noppe's Custom NPCs mod that involves a bit more know-how with that mod to use alongside MineColonies. In order for this to be a thing, the player must make a follower npc known as the Mandate Adviser where the player trade whatever resources (must be expensive) for extensions for his/her mandate. If the Mandate Adviser leaves his/her service, it's counted as a automatic defeat and the player cannot continue with any of the colonies any longer. (This is still in WIP as I have yet to test this out since I have just recently came up with it as I am writing this)

The player can declare a revolution at any time that they wish so if you want, a player can declare independence with their starting settlement but it will most likely end with their head on the chopping block. It's best if the player has a bunch of colonies throughout the new world and build up their forces to fight the Crown's ground forces. In order to gain their own Regulars, Dragoons, and Cannons, they have to do some math (everyone's worst enemy!) Every number of troops per colony. I will not go over the math since I don't want to make this post too big and lengthy to read since I just want to make a brief overview on this kind of play-through I like to do since it gives my character a reason why he's developing a colony other than just because he can.

I wanted to share this with everyone on the MineColonies Forums since this, to me, is the way I like to play with this mod and I don't regret playing it this way. What do you guys think about how I play MineColonies? Is it something you be interested in trying or do you guys think this is a rather dumb idea that shouldn't be a part of this forums whatsoever.
it's neat i'll amit that

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