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Hi everybody,

What type of fertilizer to the farmers need? I know they can take bonemeal, but any other?  I've tried giving them Forestry, IC2 and Industrial Foregoing, but they don't seem to want any of those... 

Composter huts create compost that farmers can use.
As far as I can tell they ONLY use bonemeal and compost.
ah man! Thanks! I never even noticed the composter hut. Setting that up... Would be nice if it accepted other forms of fertilizer tho..
Yep, but at the same time. No need, these dudes can really churn out the stuff... And it's a great way to get rid of excess plant materials and such.
Have 10k meat, saplings, rotten flesh and other crap you don't need? Compost it...

I have 3 lvl 5 farms + a lvl 4 farm and 2 lvl 5 + 2lvl 3 composters next to bonemeal. And I'm drowning in beets, carrots and wheat Undecided
Literally a whole warehouse full of that stuff in excess...
True.. well now that I know about the composter, that makes sense. My town is still fairly new, only 8 citizens. I got distracted with automating stuff in AE2 Smile
Hah, I get distracted for days and days with Refined storage and my own little projects too Smile haha

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