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Technic launcher vs MultiMC vs others? Performance issues.

Over the last few days I've been doing a lot of trying and testing to get MineCraft/Minecolonies run more smoothly.
This is a bit of a long thing with the context and all. But for those with a similar issue it may be useful. And for more experienced people maybe they have some insights.

Here's the situation/setup:
I have a Macbook Pro 2018, 15", 16GB, 512GB, Core i7 2.6Ghz, Radeon 580x 4GB/Intel UHD 630 1.5GB.

This should be fine for most basic stuff on medium settings.
As a comparison, I can play Borderlands and Borderlands 2 (from the Apple app store) on High/ultra settings without any hickups other than noisy fans.
Civilization 5 and 6 run smooth on medium settings. You get the idea - It's not super, but for a casual game it's perfectly fine.

I allocate 6GB to Minecraft using the Technic launcher (I knew that from the Tekkit days and didn't think about getting anything else.)

As a modpack I installed (found it by chance) Medival Colonies. It's a unknown custom thing with some small mods, Forge, Immersive engineering, Minecolonies, Journeymap and that's about it.
I've added and updated a bunch of things in there like adding RFTools, Base Ender IO, Refined Storage, Optifine and some small mods.
Newer Forge and most mods got updated over the last months.
All in all, 44 mods taking about 3GB ram at any given time.

This has been fine for weeks, but gradually my colony got bigger, closing in on 100 villagers. I added some mods like refined storage and suddenly I experience major stuttering and slowdowns. FPS lower than 20.
So I researched a bit, tweaked java arguments, didn't help. Installed Optifine. And things were good. It doubled my FPS to 40-60 and GC went away.

Then some 2 months later the issue is back and it's 10 times worse.

So I researched that more and more in depth, figured I should switch to a different algorigthm for GC, from G1GC to ParallelGC and that helped a bit, but not enough.
Increasing ram for the young generation objects also didn't help. I tried dozens of java arguments but Garbarge collection remained an issue.

2 days ago I kind of discovered that Technic is old and clunky (?) and moved my whole world, settings and everything AS-IS over to MultiMC. And things seem fine again.
I barely use any Java arguments now other than specifying it to use 6GB ram and ParallelGC and Multicore stuff and I get again double FPS, regularly going up to 70-90FPS and so far haven't had any stuttering. And looking at the Lagometer there are no/muchmuch less GC spikes.

What does it mean?
Does this mean that Technic is just weird and inefficient?
Or is Technic fine, but MultiMC is just better?
I get that adding larger mods like Refined Storage and maybe EnderIO uses more resources. But making a game practically unplayable it shouldn't. Not in a computer like I use.

Does anyone have a similar experience? Any advise?
To add to the above, I just updated Minecolonies from Alpha 277 to 304 and a lot of the GC spikes seem lessened.
Will see how that holds up over the next few days.

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