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Are colonies always active on a dedicated server?
I have created a modpack that my wife and I use to play MineColonies on a dedicated server.

My question is... does the colony still 'run' when there are no people connected to the server?  I do have the entire area chunk-loaded, and I understand that the mod does some chunk-loading... but are the residents still going about their lives?

If we don't connect for a few days will we come back to a farmer that has farmed hundreds of stacks of items?

Will raids occur if we are not online?

LOVE this mod!!

Thanks much!
I dont know the details but from my expirience (also playing in a dedicated server with friends), in last versions, colonist load if: 

1) a player (anyone) enter the colony radius (claimed chunks).
2) an officer (or colony owner) is connected anywere

you can see checking citizens status using

/mc citizens list colony: 'your colony number'. 

they can show coordinates or show nothing. Hope someone can confirm this.

you can also use /mc citizens info colony: 'your colony number' citizen: 'the citizen id or name' (use tab to auto complete) to check a specific citizen activity

Not sure about raid activation but If raids are a problem because of idle, you can disable / enable them temporarily using

/mc colony barbarians colony: 'your colony number' disablespawns: true / false

good luck

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