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Issue with crafter (sawmill)

I have been having a heck of a time getting the crafter to make recipes.  I finally narrowed down the issue, and am wondering if I am doing something stupid, or it's a bug.  What happens is this:

1) builder requests something, say 64 oak stairs
2) sawmill gets the request, waits til it gets some oak planks (or possibly makes them itself), and crafts as many as they can, which in my case was 40.
3) deliveryman takes the 40 to the builder, and the builder request disappears, despite not getting the full 64.
4) builder waits for the last 24, but because the request is gone, the crafter never makes them.  If I manually add the 24 to his inventory he starts to build again.

This has been happening with a bunch of different things, and NEVER works with the post box (sawmill made a single order, then completely stops.  The request is still in the queue in this case).  I also have the development features on, when everyone is sitting around, the builder says [NEED_ITEM], and the crafter says [START_WORKING]

I am on version 10.259-Release, with only one other mod (MCA).  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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