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Delivery Priority to 0, postbox and huge colonies
Just a quick feedback/suggestion. Wish the delivery priority was able to go to 0 as in the deliveryman wouldn’t check that hut’s inventory anymore. Why? Because i use the huge schematics for my buildings and i have to plot out the lands beforehand so the colony looks pretty and have big roads which means id have to use the building tool and put every hut block in place. Problem is even if there is no worker on those huts, deliverer would check the huts regardless. And he would go check out all these huts even though ive set them to 1 and ive set the builders hut priority to 10. (Static mode so it wouldnt change)

The postbox is a great feature in my opinion, something id like to use all the time, except that everytime i open it, it laggs because it renders every block when i open the menu. (Im using a huge modpack so it contains a huge amount of blocks.) But once i search something in the search box (for example planks) itll isolate to only those few blocks and the lagg is gone. I wish the menu woudnt just show all the blocks off the bat. 

Anyways really love the mod gl with the development.

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