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InventoryTweaks compatibility for Racks
I tried to make it possible to be able to sort the items in racks but I can't get it to work.

I made the InvTweaksCompatibility.xml file and put it in the config folder. I found this code online that said it would add the compatibility:
  <chest class="com.minecolonies.coremod.inventory.ContainerRack" row_size="9" large_chest="false"/> <!-- Chests to show the sorting modes buttons on -->
However, after restarting Minecraft I still cannot sort my racks. I tried looking at the info from InventoryTweaks on adding modded chests but I don't understand what I would need to change to make it work. (I have zero coding experience.)

Is there something I'm missing or doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated!

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