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Pmardle is meeeee!
Hi all,

I'm from the UK, and I have been responsible for the overall management of the mod and design strategy to date.  I also run the MineColonies official YouTube Channel, and set up the Patreon Site.

My role is nearest to "Producer" and is to help facilitate the development of the mod, and I have been at it for well over 5 years now.  We have gone through a complete re-write of the code since 1.6.4, added many cool features and back end systems to bring the mod up to where it is today and make it one of the premier SMP mods available.

Personally I am 42 (at time of writing) - and have 2 kids.  I'm a chartered engineer by trade, designing offices for corporate companies in London such as Google, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Right now I am building THIS Smile

Due to my work, kids and other Real Life stuff, my time I can devote to the mod's development is variable, and my play time is even less Sad

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