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Minecolonies Screenshot Competition
Here are mine, but others are much better

Attached Files Image(s)
Mike7998 entry: Medieval street. First and third are with dokucraft second is with john smith pack. 
[img][Image: ssobC67.png][/img]
[img][Image: ZDcjv8v.png][/img]
[img][Image: l79iS6E.png][/img]
Entries of Brianher67
@Updates the results of the screenshot competition are out, the winners are (drumroll)
1st place:
- @Brianher67
2nd place:
- @carlansor
3rd place:
- @CrustyNerfherder

Since all the top three were so amazing and the result was extremely close, all the top three users will get access to our 1.14.4 server.
Since @CrustyNerfherder is already a patreon he can invite a friend to play together with him.

Honorary mentions with also amazing contributions which were highly voted:
I know the contest is over, but still wanted to throw some pics up for my favorite mod that has kept me coming back to MC over and over last few years.
I run a 256 texture pack and about 70 - 90 mods, yet this is the only one I decided to become a Patreon of since I was so impressed by the vision & scope.
Have had several colonies over last 3 yrs, this being the most recent, Avalon. 
About 300+ citizens comprised of both a walled port medieval town and a matching underground dwarven type city.  At last check it had multiples of most buildings - 3 Barracks / 5 warehouses / 40 guard towers / 12 builders / 5 restaurants etc etc.

[Image: 2019-11-13_14.21.14.png]
[Image: 2019-11-13_14.27.35.png]
[Image: 2019-11-13_14.30.34.png]
[Image: 2019-11-13_14.40.08.png]
[Image: 2019-11-13_14.36.55.png]
[Image: 2019-11-13_14.29.25.png]
[Image: 2019-11-13_14.42.34.png]
[Image: 2019-11-13_14.44.23.png]

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