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Miner won't dig down

**TLDR: miner wasn't moving anywhere just mining weak ores, but everything was right... server (gold shovel) claim was not allowing the miner entity to mine (grief) the block. This (i believe) is a redundant anti-griefing tool anyway. so if you have this issue check other claiming methods that might be in use, preventing the miner/worker from performing the task they want to**

I'm playing in the Enigmatica 2 modpack, on a public server (so this may be server tweaked? is that a thing?) and my current setup includes:

Miner level 6, assigned to a house (level 4), hired at a miner's hut (level) 4, holding a diamond pickaxe.

He requires a pickaxe, cobblestone, and ladders. and only produces black quartz ore. ever. (i have 70+ stacks). He won't burrow down deeper to make mineshafts, doesn't offer any other ore, the miner hut's page 2 ('levels') is blank. 

I've messed with this mod before and have seen the miner create impressive mineshafts. but i don't know what i did differently. Thank you for helping me!!!!!

i also want to note that he's going down to Y level 53. but considering his level, the miner hut's level, i expect him to shaft downwards for lower levels by now.
Minecolonies version 1.12.2-0.10.259-relea

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The miner needs the cobblestone to start working =D
(21.10.2019, 13:21)Raycoms Wrote: The miner needs the cobblestone to start working =D

That wasn't the problem. When i gave him cobble he kept making black quarts ore repeatedly. Nothing else. Because he was trying to mine a block protected by the Golden Shovel claim function of the server, he didn't have permission to break the block so he never moved from it, perpetually mining the same 1 block over and over again comsuming the cobblestone in the process... which essentially exposes a a bug that could be exploited to dupe precious ores.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh =D Wow, that sounds complex.

Glad you figured it out.

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