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Asherslab the awesome!
Hey strangers! disco villager

Most of you guys know me in some form or fashion through our discord, or otherwise. For those of you who don't know me, My name's Asher, I'm one of the Minecolonies coders, I coded the Barbarians, and the (Soon to be™) Herders, i've done bug fixes here and there but that's not exactly my strong suit. I've also created two other Mods/Plugins one called Rankup, a sponge plugin for automatic ranking (If you're on any of our servers you probably know it), and Lesslag. 

More about me in a personal sense, I live in Papua New Guinea (PNG) which is a crazy weird place just above Australia, I am originally from Australia, born in Sydney and lived most of my life in Brisbane. I'm also half American (On my mothers side) although most of the time i won't admit it. I'm 16 (Yes, shock horror) and very talkative, as many of you would know from discord or the servers. I am currently half-way through grade 12 in home school (Since grade 10, PNG has horrible education), I'm the technical administrator (Sysadmin) for the school that is run there too (Strange situation, just ignore it). I'm planning on joining the Australian military after i leave PNG and pursue a career in Technology.

Feel free to PM me any issues or questions you every have!

 - Asher your friendly neighbourhood Aussie. Heart

Quotes from other players about me:

-- TheSwedishPilot
""'friendly neighourhood aussie'' More like: ''BARBIARIAN CREATING aussie MADMAN''"
Feel free to PM me any issues you may have, but try to keep it on the forum disco villager
Thanks for all your support! And join our discord!

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