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Problem with Mine Hut chest
I've built and scanned the mine 1-5 but I do not succeed in placing correctly the hut's chest.

When I build the 5 Mines, I place the chest with an orientation (facing East, meta:5) always the same.

Then when I want to place it, in the "ghost schematic", the chest have the good orientation and keeps the same as the Mine, even if I rotate the schematic.

But when I confirm, it finds itself placed 90 degrees counterclockwise ("facing north", meta:2). Whatever the orientation chosen, there is always this rotation which is made..

I almost tried everything before scanning :
- place it directly by clicking the ground with it in hand
- place another Mine with the tool, rotate it to reach the good orientation then confirm.
- copy another Mine's chest with Worldedit then paste it (with and without /rotate)

Strangely I had not met this problem for the townhall, just for the Mine...  Undecided

Anybody knows the best way to place the hut's chest in order to scan and build it correctly?
You have to follow the orientation of the mine chest as if you'd place it with the buildTool without rotating and then scan it in this way.
So in your case you should scan it in without the mine chest then rotate it as if it would fit and then place in the mine chest as I said.
I am not sure to have understood well..

Are you telling me that the scan tool isn't able to detect the hut chest metadata as we scan the building, in order to reproduce it?
So I have to place the chest in its default orientation then build around it?

Thus, on my creative map, where are aligned my buildings, I am going to have some of it which will face me, others turn me the back, other aside..
And you say that I can make nothing to align their fronts?

I just tested with all other building style (sandstone, mesa, stone, and wooden, in my version), and yes it seems that's what it is..  Undecided

BTW doing this, I've seen that the guy who scanned the Stone mine made the same mistake as me, the chest rotates after validation to get the desired orientation..

(by mistake, I mean that he too thought that building and presenting the building from the front was important)
Yeah at least for now it is this way, it has to do with some issues with default rotations etc which have to be fixed in the future, but are not on our main TODO list for now.

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