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Nice seeds for Minecolonies
Maybe it is to share some Nice seeds and locations we've found.

I would recommend to use the seed -2407599372550419357 and go to the coordinates -1000, 64, 1000. You'll find a beautiful almost perfectly flat valley next to a river with pine trees, some oak trees, cows, porcs and horses. in the next valley you'll find a roofed forest. alpacas and sheeps can be found nearby too.[Image: dream%20valley%201.png][Image: dream%20valley%202.png][Image: dream%20valley%203.png]
That is a very nice valley! I'd like to live there!
I had found a nice place myself but by flying :p But i'll try to post seed and coordinates as soon as I can ^^

Plains next forest, savanna and desert, with mutton

Coordinates: -134/68/-199

Nice plains with some hills but globally plain, with next to a river, a savanna, a swamp, wild cow, chickens, pigs, sheeps and pumpkins. Sand, gravel and clay close to the point.

For my point of view, one of the best places to begin a colony Big Grin

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