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About storages and Warehouse
I have some questions about the Warehouse and Deliverymen... Huh

At first, I would like to know what are the storages taken into account by the mod.. Are the Deliverymen capable of putting or removing items in a hopper or a distributor? And if no, are the trapped chests safe?

When I made my Mine, I put hopper and chests, and I think it's not a problem. Deliverymen and the Miner only use the Hut chest.
If I make a silo for an item, with hoppers and chests, I don't want that he come to put there anything..
The worst would be in the distributor of redstone trash can  Dodgy

Then, I would want to know if Deliverymen use only the storages placed by the Builder, which are on the schematics of the Warehouse?

Can I install chests, within the warehouse, preventing they are used by the deliverymen, even after an upgrade of the building?
Well, let's see..          Rolleyes

First and foremost: Any and All minecolonies Workers will ONLY use the chests provided with the current schematics the builder builds. That should take care of most of your questions.  Wink

They will not use any player placed chests/hoppers/trapped chests/modded variants.

If you destroy these or replace them they will (in most cases) NOT be recognized by the Workers (aka miner, Lumberjack, farmer, deliveryman, etc etc). And for the originals to be recognized again (if destroyed/removed/etc) you have to issue a "repair" of the building.

Warehouse racks/chest will only be recognized by workers if they are the original ones built by the builder.

There are plans for different treatment of chests, recognition of additional chests, etc. But only in planned phase atm.
Is there some kind of limit on the number of racks that can be placed in a warehouse that is dependant on the level of the warehouse?
For Instance, I created a new template for Warehouse1 with 16 racks in it. When built, all the racks are required and placed, but a few of them are not rendered (invisible block but when you click on it the rack works. Once I save, quit, and reload the world the racks are rendered correctly.
It would be a sensible thing to limit the storage amount based on level, but I have not found this information documented anywhere.

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